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If you are after speed, then I would go for a Scorpion which is a higher KV motor. That would spin a prop faster and using the right prop I think you would get more speed. It will suffer in the climb a little but still give you a pretty good climb. A slower KV motor will turn a bigger prop slower, but give you a lot of thrust for climbing, but not quite the speed in level flight.

I would guess if you want a really good system, you are talking around the $300.00 to $400.00 range, but it will be a great system and will last. A cheaper motor like the ones from China may fly your plane OK, but no with the same speed and you are really taking a chance on those motors. Some go out on the first flight and some last, but they are throwaway items because of the cost.

A Thunder Power is probably the beast battery on the market, but they are costly. I have never heard of a customer that was not given top notch support and never heard anything bad about them and they really deliver the current.

Zippy batteries are probably the cheapest one you can buy and they are decent for the price, but cannot match TP batteries in terms of service and life. Cost is much less however.

I guess it is up to you to pick out what you can afford, but I would plan on at least $300.00 and up for a good system. Just remember the old saying, you get what you pay for.

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