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Yeppers I have seen it fly, a wierd little bugger wasnt it?

Heheh, a two Chuck thread............thats good Doug.

Well, im gonna stick to needing down angle on it, from how I understand thrust angle and it's effects. Too deep to go into here though, LOL!
Im betting that with a couple degrees down, this will give downward pull to the nose, thereby forcing the tail up and hence the elevator will have to be trimmed back to neutral to equal things out.
Of course if he does give it some downthrust and if it does what I think it will, he'll need to have the trim at neutral before taking off cause with it trimmed down 1/4 in. it'd be a bear to keep controlled like my mustang was when I took off with it and it was constantly trying to dive on me and I never got a chance to get my thumb on to the trim lever, was too busy with the stick trying to avoid disaster. Too scared to take my thumb off it.

Much easier to trim out too much up than down, at least when you release the stick to get to the trim lever it wont be nose diving into the pavement.
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