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Well dad burn'it Chuck, sorry its giving ya fits on this. Hmmm, well the only thng left is motor angle. And that would have to be not enough downthrust.
Now I cant see much from the photos except in the last one to the right, and in that pic it looks like the shaft is pretty well centered in the cowl opening. Most any plane I look at one can usually see the shaft angling downard through that opening. But I'd have to see a profile shot with the plane sitting level to tell for sure, and even then its still hard to see in a photo. And is best measured with an instrument that can gauge it against the wing chord line.
It should measure out to about 3 degrees.

Hmmm, well I had a good look over this plane's manual, specificly steps 19 & 20 and aside from mentioning about the offset lateral centerline of the motor in leu of angling it to the right(I've seen this done before, on my L-19.) But it doesnt show any downthrust info.
To my knowlege any plane should have 2-3 degrees down thrust.
Wouldnt be the first time the engineers left something like this out, so ya might try putting washers on the top two mounting bolts between the mount and the firewall to obtain some downward angle, and see if that does it.
Other than that im out of ideas.

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