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On most any bipe I've seen, and I have three of'em myself the CG should be straight up from the leading edge of the bottom wing. That is if you looked at the plane from below, where ever the leading edge of the bottom wing overlaps the top wing mark that on the bottom of the top wing and thats your CG. And the range should be about 1/4 in. forward or back of that point.

Thats exactly where it is on my Art Tech Christen Eagle, and the other two bipes I have. (Curtiss Jenny, and a profile 3D Christen Eagle.)
Just looking at yours Im gonna bet that it comes out right on or just a tad forward of the rear bolt on the top wing's center mounting bolts.

It was a good flying buddy of mine who told me of this bottom wing leading edge thing, and of course I checked and sure enough he was right.

Oh, and hey thats a sweet looking Pitts, im anxious to hear of how she flies once the CG is corrected. The Pitts and all its derivatives are always crowd pleasers, and fun and frolic'y to fly.
Say Chuck ya know in that second pic from the left you could pass for George Carlin ya know that?
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