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Default First flight date looming

So, the first flight date is arriving fast.

I did plan for this coming weekend, but not quite ready (plane and brain).

I am applying the finishing touches to my plane, waiting on the last couple of bits that may, or may not arrive by the weekend.

I have built a dancing wings Piper Cub J3 1180 wingspan. This has been a trial project to learn what I need to learn.

It has an FPV camera, to give me a chance to see where I am (hopefully) , I have learned how to build it, apply film and learned how to paint the next one better. I am currently applying a coat of lacquer to protect it, but did not read the tin properly and so it is quite glossy, not the matt effect I was looking for. Also I did not use the correct primer, so a hard look and the paint flakes.

But despite all of that, I am quite pleased with the first ever plane. I will take some pictures before I attempt to fly it.

The next plane is ordered and on its way. That will be another dancing wings model, the 1400 tiger moth.

I hope I will have learned enough to produce a better result all round. I hope to join a local flying club before flight date so I can pick brains.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with the learning process 😃👍👋
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