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Glad to hear you're getting some respones......although, you are certainly in a small minority crowd....especially since they have been out of business for a couple of years now.........if my memory serves me correctly, there basic 450 had some decent Scorpion equipment and their V1 & V2 versions went with carbon fiber frames. Other than that, and being light weight, they only appealed to the "want to be different crowd" were always a problem to get, even when new, the tail linkage assembly and swashplate assemblies were in need of constant attention......even after the E4 came out.

Pride of ownership has it's positive "feel good" aspects.........but there are many other attributes related to "sustainability" that Beam could not overcome. There's several positive reasons Align, Gaui, E-Flite, Raptor and SAB are still in's not just because they are predominantly made with China parts and manufactured in Asia (so were many of the Beam's) where costs and volume makes "sustainability' possible..........go fiqure.....?

After's about enjoyment and pleasure. If Beam's lighten up your's all good in my book......
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