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Sorry about your Dad. I lost my Dad a few years ago at 88. Sad to see this greatest generation go. I did get to spend a little time with him before he passed on and it was funny how he liked to talk about his Army Air Force days and his B-24 Lib crew. He was a Tech Sarge.

Growing up , he rarely talked about it but near the end , he talked about his wartime experiences a lot. I think many of those who fought in WW-II suppressed a lot of feelings and many probably had some post war trauma that just never went detected.

He could MacGyver just about anything and despised the throw-away and replace culture that evolved. Taught me a lot. I can still hear his voice when I'm doing a home repair: " David ?" - "You're about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle " -LOL

Great Americans
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