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Default Lancaster Bomber from HobbyKing

After seeing the new UM Parkzone Spitfire, I started project-planning a compatible-scaled foamy scratch-built Lancaster.
At same scale, it would work out around 48" span and quite expensive for parts.

Then I found the new HobbyKing Lanc'... the same size as I planned to build - but a much better model than I could've hoped to achieve, myself - without the hassle of building it or sourcing the parts.
In fact, at 114 (converted from USD) is much cheaper than I couldve built it for, too.

Admittedly, the camouflage colours don't look quite right - but nothing a sympathetic re-spray couldnt cure.
There's another video, showing the (white) prototype before painting.
At that stage, they quoted 9 servos but the production model on shop website, is stated as having 7.

Without working rudders, it might be fun landing, although it has a steerable tail wheel & contra-rotating props, so maybe thrust-induced drift wont be an issue for takeoffs.
Electric scale retracts, sequenced gear doors, working bomb bay doors, working bomb-drop, 2620/1100kV motors, scale 3-bladed props, running from a common 3S 2200 LiPo.

I suspect this will be a popular item, although I have my reservations, based on adverse stories of HK quality and customer service issues...
I'm tempted to order one but my cautious side is telling me to wait and see if another supplier (maybe Horizon or FMS) will offer something similar & possibly better.

Would love to get my hands on one to try it though !
At what is effectively a 'micro' scale (despite its size), it would be fun to fly this in formation with UM warbirds like the Spitfire.

Has anyone had a chance to see or fly one of these yet?
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