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Originally Posted by Toddah View Post
I am constructing a Senior Telemaster right now and I have come to the point of ordering a Motor, ESC combination and I am looking for some insight. I have studied and read and read an studied but I have no local sounding board to bounce my theories off of so I will try here.
Can anyone tell me if this is a good combination?
I am too green to figure this out I tried MotorCalc * but I do not know enough to make knowledgeable use of it yet.

I am looking at a motor with these specs
Weight 304G
Winding 12T
Magnets 14
Resistance 0.016 Ohm
[email protected] 1.4A
Max Current 95A
Max Power 1800 Watts
Lipo Range 3S~7S 4/5

ESC Specs
Amps Cont 90A
Amps Max 106A
IR Ohm 0.0011
MAX Lipo 4

Any input is appreciated


Which motor are you considering? FYI, that motor weighs 304 grams, which translates to 10.7 Ounces. Reasonable power levels for these brushless motors is pulling around 100 Watts per ounce of motor. At 1800 Watts/10.7 ounces, you get 168 Watts per ounce of motor weight.

That motor might be running hot enough to fry eggs at that power level. Motocalc indicates running this motor at 1800 Watts will burn it up, and will result in motor efficiency below 50%. Per Motocalc, quality motors will be running around 85% or even 90% efficiency.

For a model of this type, running around 100 Watts per pound of airplane will fly rather nicely. So, if your model winds up at 10 pounds, you'd need 1000 Watts to fly it. More is usually better. Especially if its windy out.

There is a video out on this model, flying with a DLE20 Gasser. This engine has around 1200 Watts of power, and the model flew OK. The pilot had real cg problems though, had to add near a pound of weight in the tail.
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