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Originally Posted by GFH View Post
Thanks Kyle

I should have added it has a 107 inch wingspan, 1550 sq inches. Not a high performer just large

I tried motocalc link a couple of times and it was a dead end.

Ill try again..
No problem.
Check out the attached screen dumps for Motocalc on your proposed model and power setup. Bates # 1 and 2 are for a 17x6 prop, Bates # 3 and 4 are for a 16X8 Prop.

Looks like either a 16x8 or 17X6 prop would be good with a good quality 8S LiPo pack. IMHO, it would be a good idea to stuff in as big a 8s LiPo pack as you can afford, since with the huge wingspan of this model, overall weight wound not be an issue. This model will obviously be a little overpowered with that Hacker motor, but if you're planning on towing sailplanes, being way overpowered is a good thing.

Problem with some of those off brand higher powered motors, they've been known to have bearing problems, or have magnets come loose and so on. Not a good thing to have a power failure if you're towing a sailplane.

This is for a smaller model, but a lot of the stuff covered in the PDF file will apply to your setup.
Thread on 70 size glow engine conversion to electric

One big problem with the larger electric model airplanes, is their cost skyrockets, something apparent when you look at the Hacker motor, the CC ESC, the LiPo battery, and the charger for the LiPo battery. On the other hand, you don't have vibration issues shaking your model and its servos apart, you don't have fuel getting all over everything, and fuel dripping on your auto carpet, or carpet in your home. I've got models that are on their 9th flying season with well over a thousand flights on one of them, that looks brand new.

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