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SUCCESS!! Here is my 1/6th scale Albatros DIII. I designed and scratch built this airplane back in the mid 1980s. I powered it with an O.S. .60 four stroke. It was a bit underpowered but flew very nicely. I used the only source of information on this aircraft I could find at this time, which was the Squadron Signals book: "Albatros Fighters in Action". The three view drawings this bock had, did not specifically show the Albatros DIII! There were only drawings of the D II and DV-Va. Essentially, the DIII used the DII's fuselage, and the DV-Va used the wings designed for the DIII, so I made my DIII, using a combination of the two.

The plans were drawn on freezer paper. Although I have access to CAD at work and understand there is free CAD programs I could download, I have always liked drawing and drafting with traditional means and would design anything I might want in the future in this way, as I find it as fun to do as building model airplanes in the traditional way (with balsa and plywood).
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