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looks like i may need to file a paypal dispute in the next few days and if i don't get a resolve to the dispute it goes to "claim" status "within 20 days of filing the dispute. if you don't file the "claim" within 20days of opening a dispute ,the dispute is automatically closed and you loose any help from paypal. seems like my options are limited.

i tried another email,this makes 3 emails. also left several phone messages. i even offered to change my order if they call me or answer my email. it's so sad to think how little effort it takes to return a call or email but for what ever reason the customer isn't important enough to bother trying. when i call and get the phone message machine that sounds so helpful and know it's a worthless lie"Hello,You'v reached AK Models, sorry we weren't able to answer the phone ,please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible .thankyou"..............NOT!!!!!
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