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Originally Posted by Lieutenant Loughead View Post
P-38, without doubt. My grandfather owned eight of the full-sized aircraft after the war -- he based his business of aerial surveying around the P-38's he owned. Take a look at this web page, and see who the first private owner of this P-38 was -- and look at the price paid for a BRAND NEW P-38!!! This one is currently sitting in the Evergreen Aviation Museum under the wing of the Spruce Goose.

This one is currently at the Yanks Air Museum -- I have actually visited this one (see the photo below).

Now, I have based my business around the P-38 (see my avitar). I have the logo on my front license plate of my car, and it's amazing how often someone comes up to me and asks about it (usually 50 to 80 year old WWII enthusiasts).
Thats a marvelous story,
Great looking Lightnings and a wonderful family portrait
Thanks ever so much for sharing that with us
Take care dear friend
Yours Hank
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