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The trouble with WW2 was planes were crossing design borders that literally have never been repeated again so wide ... Biplanes, open cockpit, stressed skin, fabric covered, supercharged, Nitrous Oxide, Jets, Rockets, Rotary, Radial, In-line, V ..... 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 and more engines ... The range was just so astounding.

War reqt's were pushing limits on planes and production ... in cases such as ME-109 - still flying long after it should have been replaced ... bombers to carry loads that were even pushing limits of road transport !

So my fav's ?

Trainer : Tiger Moth

Bomber : My Father flew Wellingtons mainly and my Mother headed up a ground maintenance staff for Lancasters ........ so I have to plump as equal first place on the Wimpy and Lanc. I add the B-17 as close second as a child I was taken for a flight in a B-17 - actually the one used in Steve McQueen movie "The Warlover" ... my Father and friends delivered / flew it over for the movie.

Fighter : Not possible for me to leave out the Spitfire, particularly the early marks with the high rear fuselage ... and then the mainstay of Battle of Britain - The Hurricane. Close seconds are the P-51 and Typhoon ... but punish me for leaving out the incredible Mosquitoe ... so good in fact it was only lightly armed as it could fly in ... get out literally before anyone could catch it ! and built in WOOD !

Iconic aircraft ... ME-262 ... Stuka ..... Zero ...... so many ....

I would like to mention in Dispatches - as the pilots who flew these and carried out their missions must have been some of the bravest ever ... a slow flying stringbag which built up a strike record during the war that endures to this day .... Crippled Bismark ... Struck into Taranto Italian fleet just to quote 2 of the many ... The Swordfish Torpedo Bomber.
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