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Lovely indeed.

Your controllers are near the motors, where are the batteries positioned?

Keep controller(s) close to battery if possible, and extend motor wires.
Keep the battery wires short, or else install extra capacitors, all on/near ESC.

My standard post for (a.o.) multi-motor planes:
Too long battery wires can kill ESC: precautions, solutions & workarounds - RCG
  • Example Four costly controllers consecutively cremated
  • Solutions I & II, rules of thumb
  • Problem
  • Rubbish! I have no problems.
  • Capacitor type & polarity (orientation!)
  • How & where (not) to add extra capacitors
  • DIY capacitor pack pictures
  • Capacitor & pack suppliers
  • Expert/manufacturer opinions, they all say the same ... & their rules of thumb
  • Explanation, water hammer/knock analogy, theory, references, measurements
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