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Default Write a review - win a 1/4 scale Pilot-1 Aerodrome RC Plane!

Write a review - win a 1/4 scale Pilot-1 Aerodrome RC Plane!

Who is JACK?
Some say there are three kinds of RC Pilots: first it's "I don't know Jack", then it's "I am Jack", and the highly respected "I taught Jack" - which means, if you're willing to give back to a great hobby, you can hook a brother up - Brother Jack.

If you've flown it, you know it, which makes YOU Brother Jack!
Hobby-Lobby just launched a new website, featuring hundreds of pages of new RC products and we're asking you to take a minute to enter your FLIGHT FEEDBACK and PRODUCT REVIEWS - an all new (and so far rather empty) customer review feature. Simply write a published review* by midnight on April 15th (who's idea was that?) and you're entered to win one of our prize jewels: a 1/4 Scale Pilot-1 PA-12 Super Cruiser .

Check the great aircraft in your RC hangar and give us your opinions. Only one review per product is allowed, but EVERY review you write earns another shot at the JACKPOT! The winner will be announced on with a link to your winning entry.

Customer Service and Quality drive Hobby-Lobby International and we know customer feedback is a critical guide for the next customers' choice. Good or bad, this helps us provide you, your flying club or a new RC Pilot who "doesn't know Jack" to make the best product selections. Imagine that PA-12 Super Cruiser in your hangar! Let's all "Get JACKed UP and FLY" the best stuff!

To submit a reveiw:
* Join the FREE Hobby-Lobby R/C Star Program
* Login to your account on the HLI website
* Go to a product page and write a review about any HLI aircraft you have experience with

For a reveiw to be published, Jack needs to satisfy the following criteria:
* Well thought through, whether positive or negative
* Proper grammar and spelling
* No profanity
* No personally identifiable information
* No slander - just hit the strengths and weaknesses
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