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Originally Posted by birdDog View Post
...which is exactly why I have only hovered over the buy button at their site. Thanks for the heads up.

This is a shame because I can only find one other vendor (in Washington state, seems like a great guy. I got my 60" MXS from him. ) or another seller out of Ohio that I can only find on Ebay.

In talking to a couple of friends, the biggest problems for the Skyline/Goldwing models is the lack of available spare parts.

Luckily, if the Corvus is similar to the MXS, all thrust angles are built into the firewall as my motor box is completely square and parallel. Standoffs would all be equal in length.
I like the Skyward hobby site, the engines are priced nice. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, I noticed the lack of spare parts as well. This maybe a one crash wonder or a display piece. The plane is actually well built. I will make my own engine mount assembly and move forward with my build.
I did finally get the assembly instructions for my plane from General Hobby. Only took 5 emails and 3 voice mails. Just writing the buying experience off as it could have turned out a lot worse and moving on. It was nice to be able to vent about this experience and possibly help others at the same time.
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