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Default Beware of General Hobby

Very long story shortened.
I have been trying to work with Richard from General Hobby.

General Hobby
19745 Colima Road, Ste. 1-912
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Sent many emails back and forth with him, trying to get him to send me the parts MISSING off the plane I purchased from him a month ago. He lied to me at every turn, said it wasn't part of the plane I bought. He blamed the Skyline manual and the Chinese interpreter for not stating it correctly. Until I pointed out that it states on his own website description it is part of the ARF plane I purchased.
Then he came back and said go to a hobby shop and buy the part and he will credit me towards my next plane I buy from him. lol

In my opinion, all he would have had to do was email Skyline and tell them the part was missing from my order and they would have shipped to me and it wouldn't have cost him anything. Or at least give me the customer support info for Skyline and I would have done it.

Needless to say I am never buying from General Hobby again. I should have been more diligent and looked at the internet reviews and BBB reviews first. Lesson learned.
Hope this helps the rest of you from making the same mistake as me.
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