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Originally Posted by Wildflyer View Post
I figure after 62 years of woodworking (started when I was 4 yo) and 40 years of being a carpenter, I have at least inhaled an 8'- 4"x 4".

Somehow it seems I got rid of it, a little at a time, just like it came in.

Carpenters are too stupid or proud, to wear a breathing respirator any time, we or someone close to us are cutting wood. Dry wood dust is the worst as it will stay in the air for over an hour. I have seen this in my own shop.

The cup type paper masks are basically useless, unless you duct tape them to your face. WAY too much leakage around the edges. There are some good ones but they are hard to find.

My idea to cut a magnet is to clamp it between 2 strips of wood and then use my wet diamond saw to trim the edge. I have not tried this yet but I think it would work.
Yeah, I also don't have much use for those paper respirators. I've got two of those full face mask rubberized respirators that can use either the charcoal filters, or a very good dust filter. They go for about $25 or so around here. These have one way valves in them for breathing in, and breathing out. Best investment I made for protecting valuable stuff. Having been born and raised on a farm with its usual amount of dust, I use that mask whenever cutting anything around here.

Also found in google that it is not a good idea to cut magnets without the proper equipment. Overheat them, and they loose their magnetism. Magnet dust can ignite, and the fumes from that ignition are poisonous.

One of the magnet supply houses indicates the proper way to cut their magnets is with a diamond saw, along with coolant. Looks like you're all set to go.
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