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Don Sims 03-22-2021 02:52 AM

Why did Worf change his hair color?

It was a good day to dye.

Panther 03-22-2021 11:25 PM

Originally Posted by Don Sims (Post 1028681)
I was watching star trek and they kept talking about freighter ships.

I would imagine the cost of shipping between planets must be astronomical.

Got it Don! Good one.

Don Sims 03-23-2021 03:22 AM

Captain Picard was devastated to have accidentally broken Dr. Crusher's antique sewing machine. It seemed it was beyond repair until Data said he had detailed files and could fix it, to which Picard replied, "Mr. Data, make it sew."

Don Sims 03-23-2021 03:23 AM

How many Betazoids does it take to change a lightbulb?

Two... one to say, "Captain, I sense darkness", and one to change it.

Don Sims 03-23-2021 12:24 PM

You might be a redshirt if...

you're browsing the communication logs and happen to notice that condolences have already been sent to your next of kin.

Don Sims 03-23-2021 12:24 PM

How many Ferengi does it take to change a light bulb?

Two: one to change it and another one to sell the broken one.

Don Sims 06-07-2021 12:10 PM

Uhura needs an answering machine. Example"

Kirk- Kirk to Enterprise.

Uhura- I'm away from my station at the moment. All messages are being saved to an automatic recording device. Please start speaking at the sound of the "click"

Uhura- CLICK (the click is the sound of Uhura closing the channel.)

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