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WyomingOutdoors 05-14-2018 04:25 AM

Eflite AT-6 Burning up the Sky!!!

Beautiful afternoon at the club field.
This plane flies REALLY well.

F22trainer 05-14-2018 04:44 AM

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Got a few flights with mine this evening- breeze was a little squirrelly but manageable. Still getting the hang of landing, but made good progress today.
Just left the gear down and flaps up for several approaches...still don’t trust the gear after last weekends belly landing because one lg would not come down - but they worked fine before and after and cannot find the glitch.

As they always did to squawks on the real planes:
“Ops’ check good - return to service.”

F22trainer 05-17-2018 07:20 AM

So after my gear incident last week, and being reluctant to raise the gear, I checked it out top to bottom and could not find anything amiss. Made sure they were operating smoothly, and decided to try them again.
Also I could not help but wonder what I need do to get the SAFE mode to activate when the gear come down, so I decided to try and re-bind to make SAFE active in the reciever. That said I did the Bind with the plug out as intended, but assigning a switch had no result. So for the heck of it, I held the model and raised the gear and presto SAFE was OFF! Gear down SAFE ON!
Since I was determined to get some practice landing this warbird, I was quite pleased. Doing several batteries with just gear down, I got some good repetition on landing approach with touch and go / no flaps, a less than perfect partial flap landing, and then 3 very nice landings with full flaps. After watching some videos which pointed out the plane does not tip stall with full flaps, I had to try it out and sure enough. First 2 batteries I did not raise the gear and just did the pattern, but the next 3 batteries we began having some fun. I did make sure I slowed her down good before throwing out the gear.
Anyway, not sure how I did it but got the result with the AS3X mode...now if only the gear keep working I will enjoy these days off through the weekend.

F22trainer 06-08-2018 03:03 AM

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Had another gear problem with the T6 resulting in another gear up landing in the dirt, Which in AZ means various sized rocks and pebbles resting on a hard packed dirt. Not happy - I had already ordered a new retract, and since I had issues with it right out of the box, I notified HH and they stepped up. They cancelled my order because they were on Backorder, let me know they were expecting them any day, and are sending me a new retract NC. While not happy about the belly scars, they can be repaired and I can customize the colors a bit to make it easier to distinguish attitude with a color variation on the belly.
Also got some Robert diagonal tread wheels which look a bit more realistic than original.

WVrailfan 04-15-2019 05:30 AM

I wrapped and lettered mine as a WV ANG ship from the 1950s. So far, I like this model a lot. Flies nice and handles our club grass runway with no issues.

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