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jayxer 05-22-2008 02:35 PM

e-flite apprentice rival for Supercub?
I have a Supercub which taught me to fly over a year ago. I still fly it as often as possible, and haven't even had to replace or major repair anything! Cracked the cowl once, and got it caught in a small tree (embarassing). I love the SC, but now I got a catalog in the mail from Horizon Hobby with a new offering from e-flite in it, called the apprentice. Essentially it looks like a ripoff of a Cessna, but looks like a really nice plane. Its an RTF just like the SC, but more pricey at $299. However that $299 doesn't seem so bad when it comes with a Spektrum DX5, functional ailerons, included 1320mah lipo and balancing charger and is already a brushless setup. Foam is the same style as in the supercub also. Looks like a much better product than the Cessna E-flite had released and discontinued a while ago.


after trying to accomplish all those mods on a S/C you'd be hard pressed to do it for only an additional $140 to the SC's price.

Angler-Hi 05-22-2008 02:44 PM

Looks like a pretty nice flyer...a little pricey though. I guess it's probably due to the included Spektrum radio. I would be a little pressed to pick one up, but I have advanced quite a bit from high wing trainers. I may pick one up for my son if he ever gets "serious" about flying. I bought him the HZ Super Cub, but he doesn't do anything with it...he loves his model rockets.

If you do pick one up, post your flight report. I would like to hear your review. Thanks for sharing.


constantCrash 05-22-2008 04:26 PM

299 seems high, but Spektrum does add a lot (as i'm finding looking a LOSI RC Cars). I think it's worth it, The equipement is 100% re-usable vs 0% for the cub. It's also Lipo vs cub NiMh, and Burshless vs Burshed in cub.

Angler-Hi 05-22-2008 05:20 PM

Originally Posted by constantCrash (Post 411086)
299 seems high, but Spektrum does add a lot (as i'm finding looking a LOSI RC Cars). I think it's worth it, The equipement is 100% re-usable vs 0% for the cub. It's also Lipo vs cub NiMh, and Burshless vs Burshed in cub.

I agree, the price does bring alot to the table. I wonder if they sell that plane as an ARF, and if so, what she would go for.

firemanbill 05-22-2008 05:41 PM

comparing apples to oranges when you compare those two. Yes it is more pricey but as already mentioned, 2.4 radio, Lipo w/charger, brushless setup, completely reusable radio gear.

I think that makes this a bargain compared to the "one and done" Supercub.

Not taking anything away from the SC as it is a great trainer for the price.

Then again, that is WHEN it is available. Horizon shows late July avaialbility now so you may, maybe, just possibly, see them before Christmas...

phillipmorris 07-22-2008 03:54 PM

With any luck will have one of these, nice radio etc, love to try some night flights on this puppie, impressive video....inverted, wish they showed a slow roll tho...<>..takes off in just over 5 foot...<>...

Yes, pricy, but gads look at the great gear, Lipo, Brushless, re-usable radio, its alll there...Wow...



ministeve2003 07-22-2008 04:25 PM

I knew Eflite always screws something up, $300 and it's not even a computer radio...
I got an Walkera 2.4ghz heli for $100, So picture this as a trojan with a $100 for 2.4ghz no computer radio... they better offer this as a PNP for $200, or someones getting screwed...



phillipmorris 07-22-2008 08:24 PM

Nope, not computer, but is Spectrum Tech, perhaps will be a PNP version later, but expect the price would still be near $260, just my guess...one to watch....

Old Fart 07-22-2008 08:49 PM

I like the fact that it's a 58" plane - much easier to train people on a larger plane than something "small and cute". I have the same problem at the range - everyone wants to learn on the "cute little gun" (10X as hard) :(

ministeve2003 07-22-2008 08:51 PM

So your saying the tx/rx is only worth $40, that sounds about right to me...LOL

ministeve2003 07-22-2008 09:06 PM

I see it as a gimic to get you to buy spectrum computer radio later... since you'll already have a rx...

Old Fart 07-22-2008 09:07 PM

Originally Posted by ministeve2003 (Post 445827)
So your saying the tx/rx is only worth $40, that sounds about right to me...LOL

Hell, that's $100 more than a Parkzone radio is worth :)

ministeve2003 07-22-2008 09:09 PM

I thought the Trojan was over priced too...LOL

asystemerror 08-09-2008 05:53 PM

hi all,
i was just checking the E-flite out and it's i guess ok. i'm returning to flight after 4 or 5 years and i have some stuff from then and have collected some stuff lately to build my return craft with and i wanted to buy a aircraft packaged with a spektrum radio (NOT THIS ONE !) maybe the Dx6i cause i'm cheap. the spektrum controller included with the e-flite is like the one that comes with the rc truck MLST2 looks crappy but yes it has the spektrum tech in it, their all a part of line-up called BIND and FLY. It is a ploy to get you onboard with spektrum. but i like spektrum ! and e-flite so i would like to know also how this plane fly's.

phillipmorris 08-09-2008 08:47 PM

On the Apprentice still waiting for release, like the size of this one for a good visual, actually going to later use it for Night Flights as sure it will respond well with hands off once trimmed correctly needed for easier Night Flying..Hopefully it will surface soon so we can give some answers ...

Meanwhile picked up the plane only version of Art-Techs Biplane, wow it handles well, rather responsive as expected but really floats and will deadstick for you, always liked the look of bipes, using a cheapo tranmitter on this one but working fine todate, still waiting from Hobby Lobby on a Glider, several months delay, so used the transmitter set up for the Biplane, this tranmitter does have internal recharge feature with included larger battery, actually like it...only 4 flights but love this one...BEST

Super Cub, Night Flights
Stryker B, C
Parkzone Spitz
Multiplex Easy Star, waiting for the other version
Art-Tech Pitts, RTF plane only Bipe, handles very well, responsive...

paintball_kidz 08-10-2008 04:48 AM

Originally Posted by jayxer (Post 411035)
it comes with a Spektrum DX5, functional ailerons, included 1320mah lipo and balancing charger and is already a brushless setup.

its actually a 3s 3200mah lipo.

i think its actually worth it cuase its like
lipo $100
motor $80
esc $45
reciever $60
= $285 not including the plane,tx,charger and other stuff

ministeve2003 08-10-2008 05:03 AM

Originally Posted by paintball_kidz (Post 454610)
its actually a 3s 3200mah lipo.

lipo $40

motor $25

esc $30

reciever $50 - ar6000

(4) $14.60 hxt900 servos, eflite s75's suck... I woun't use them if you gave em' to me... (I gave away like 8 of them)

$159.60 = $ not including the plane,tx,charger

so $150 for plane, tx, charger.... well.... since its $80 for supercub foam, I guess its not that bad of a deal.... I'll like to see the cost of the foam parts... maybe I'll be a good one to build....


paintball_kidz 08-10-2008 05:40 AM

SK, i dont get what your trying to say with the hobbycity links and price.

ministeve2003 08-10-2008 06:39 AM

Originally Posted by paintball_kidz (Post 454634)
SK, i dont get what your trying to say with the hobbycity links and price.

I'm saying those would be the equivalent to specs... but much cheaper prices... I don't expect eflite to make full markup on each part when selling a plane, just an average markup on the plane.... so Hobbycity prices should do for comparison...

I was compareing what I could build the powertrain for ... and guessing that the foam is like $100 (aprox same as trojan)....

then looking at the stock price $299.... figuring what the tx and charger would be (trying to figue what they're charging for those items), which ends up at only $40.... so it wouldn't be that bad.... actually prob a pretty good deal since the parts are decent quality and you will actually have a nice plane running on interfearance free 2.4ghz....

I know I initally was skeptical of a $300 foam plane running on a non computer radio, but after looking at the parts battery/motor/esc, and figureing out what they would cost on a budget.... I'm actually thinking it might be ok....

paintball_kidz 08-10-2008 06:58 AM

oh, i added up the foam and its about $131 which making it really pointless to buy hobbycity stuff with it when you add it up, for $29 more you get about $300 worth of quality electronics a dx5 and a plane.

this plane is a sure steal, i mean deal

asystemerror 08-10-2008 01:12 PM

I'm use to building cars which is a bad investment because if you don't get the thing used buying it in parts will result in pay 3 times what the car cost so a return to planes will be welcome for me. and yes i think the e-flite is a deal, i just wish it came with the dx6i or dx7 but i geuss that would just ad another 150$ and i really would have a problem dropping that much cash right now on anything but a bill !

phillipmorris 08-22-2008 06:21 AM

My Apprentice arrived today, as worked and other things to accomplish, still managed to get her flying before dusk, luckily put the battery on charge immediately, it goes together extremely fast, slight issue getting the nose gear as reached screw at an angle but not all that bad, tail surfaces swiftly bolt on, realized later no binding the transmitter and receiver necessary as factory done for you...the sizeable wings are in two pieces that fit together with rod, nice makes easier transport...the main wheels simply plug in, lets see, gads were ready to go...nope battery still charging, took near two hours on the supplied charger for me, sizeable Lipo, largest one at the moment I have in my smaller plane inventory, infact everthings larger on this above average parkflyer flyer, hi hi...

Not going to maiden this one tho trainer in tight area, made this error on my bargain S2A Exceed Bipe, paid the price dearly, so wisely chose a sizeable location free of obstructions...

Ok, lets check things, Elevator ok, Rudder, Motor revs like a kitten, nice, check those ailerons are they correct, wait, only ones slightly moving, what te, remember I'm just off work, gads got a bummer plane, checking the wings closely the ailerons are still taped and not even connected, yep still tired from work, smiling hooked the ailerons and yep, they are functioning and are correct...taxi found wind direction, pulled the plane back into correct direction into the pulsating breeze, light fronts going thru, mildly gusty, be careful...but up she goes with slight held up elevator, just over 1/2 throttle, had a slight turn to the left, perhaps balance issue on wings but very manageable, flew heavenly, slow turns, too tight and like most planes will drop especially as flying reduced throttle for this maiden voyage..clue here, I classify myself as a mediocre flyer, nothing fancy on first outing, cut the power and she handled great slowly dropping as expected, again any too tight turns at reduced speeds and this docile trianer will drop on you...this is all basic flying..could be a suprise for the complete newbie, reason mentioned....gave it over half throttle few times and made it thru the mild gusts with ease..after near 10 minutes of enjoying the view of this beauty, decided to come in for the landing...was going to deadstick all the way, but low gust going on correctly gave lowest throttle as it neared touch down, used the field as short enough grass, flared it and it sat down very gently on these rather nice sized wheels, not use to this either with the smaller flyers, excellent..give this one plus stars, yes its pricy but look at the size of lipo, nice 58 inch span wing here, great look in the air, low value transmitter but nice Spectrum tech here, I Like This One...Few more flights, and Night Flights Here We Come, Yes Indeedee..Yipeee...<>..


Not mentioned in the above, the wings fasten with the supplied standard large rubber bands, has plastic fittings for the front and rear of the wings where bands make contact to protect the wings, standard stuff here, but nicely done..

The transmitter tho agree lower grade, only requires 4 AA batteries, nice trims, politely pulse to center things, no sliding switches here...

This is on the higher frequency, and Spectrum, less likely shot down due to interference...

If you want a sizeable RTF Trainer, this one certainly tops the list...

Yes, I like it !!!

constantCrash 08-22-2008 01:52 PM

Don't take the "only requires 4 AA" as a bad thing. 2.4 only requires ~3 volts to run so there really is no need to have a 7 AA battery.

I've got 2 DX6i's and having it use 4AA's is the best thing since 2.4ghz since I can use standard batteries or Sanyo Eneloop cells.

phillipmorris 08-22-2008 04:10 PM

Certainly agree, nice to only use 4 AA'S, infact a plus...loads of rain heading our way, still hope to pull in some more flights tho work today, this ones a beauty, if you want some size, this puppies it....its tail feathers are nearly the size of my micro flyers, hi hi...BEST ..<>...

humboldt guy 08-25-2008 10:53 AM

The Apprentice looks good, but one must keep in mind it is NOT a park sized flyer like the SC. This is good and bad, but I wouldn't try to fly it (especially learning) in most of the areas easily accessable to me. If you have the space, then great! (it's billed as the perfect "club" trainer). I don't think you could say this plane supersedes the SC in any way. Also, many people who start this hobby find they just don't have the temperment, eyesight, money, time, or affinity for it. The SC is a low cost, low risk, very capable trainer, requiring relatively little space, and if someone loses interest/patience/plane they are not out much scratch. So IMO the SC remains in a class of it's own, while the Apprentice will probably create it's own class. All good for us!
On a tangent, one of my flying buds just started using lipo's in his SC, about the easiest upgrade in the world (search SC threads) and it's like a different bird! A perfect next step for him.:D This is a great time to be a 54 yr old kid!

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