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quorneng 07-07-2021 02:53 AM

A micro, and sub 250g, DH Venom.
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This was my first attempt at a small EDF. The fact it came out at less than 250 g (actually 202!) was not a specific aim.
Basically an all sheet skin structure but using 2mm Depron.
Attachment 188458
At this size and weight a fully 'built up' structure in 2 mm Depron is plenty strong enough just on its own. No reinforcing is required.
Everything is built up from the EDF. In this case an AEO 40 mm unit. Not very powerful but light and for its size remarkably efficient for an EDF.
Attachment 188459
The thrust tube is literally glued on to the EDF has an 85% FSA nozzle.
Building up the bifurcated inlet to give a smooth air flow is the heart on the build and takes the most time.
Attachment 188460
The wing root fairing are added. The ESC is mounted on top of the duct with its heatsink exposed to the inlet air flow.
Attachment 188461
The wing is simplicity itself & all 2 mm Depron. Top and bottom one pieceskins drawn over 2 shear webs to give a smooth, near scale, symmetrical section..
Attachment 188462
Tiny 3.7 g aileron servo is glued in before the top skin goes on. With no ribs the extended servo wire is easily run through the wing
Attachment 188463
The wings are simply glued on. With UHU POR an good edge to edge join is virtually as strong as the Depron itself.
Even the tail booms are hollow 2 mm Depron structures..
Attachment 188464
The 3.7 g elevator servo is mounted in the middle of the tail plane.
Attachment 188465
With a short link to the elevator.
Attachment 188466
The elevator servo wire runs inside the right tail boom, through the wing root to the rx mounted under the inlet duct.
There is no rudder. It flies bank and yank.
The canopy is the battery hatch to give access to install a big 1400 mAh 2s LiPo battery in the cockpit. With some throttle management flights of 10 minutes are possible.
Kept low for the camera it flies remarkably well but it does need fairly calm conditions.

Rabbitcreekok 07-07-2021 05:43 AM

Nice job on the build. That is probably the lightest and smallest DF I have ever seen. I bet it does not like much moving air. It could end up in the next county.
Thanks for posting the build and video.

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