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arynabro 05-07-2013 01:31 PM

percentage heli should take off?
had some previous heli experience a few years ago and decided to get back into it. Heli is taking off after way to much throttle i think. it takes about 80% to get it off the ground is that right?

its a 6ch esky honeybee cp2 any tips would be great:)

fhhuber 05-07-2013 04:18 PM

Its a relationship between throttle and pitch. If adjusted correctly for a CP heli you should be flying with the stick just a bot above 50%. Fixed pitch should be flying before 75%... most of the time.

Honeybee CP2 RTF package doesn't have a really good TX so adjusting the pitch to power relationship isn't as friendly. IIRC (I still have a CP2 from 7 years ago... 72 mhz FM) you have to tweak a knob above the collective pitch stick.
You can also spin the blades up to decent speed with the collective stick at 50% and then flip the switch to put it in acro mode. That will increase power immediately and should allow the heli to lift at a more reasonable stick position.
DO NOT flip it to acro mode direct from 0 rpm. It will strip the gears. It can also burn up the ESC section of the multifunction ESC/gyro/RX unit.

pizzano 05-07-2013 07:09 PM

Here's a vid by a guy who knows this little heli in & out:


As suggested in the vid, the gain and tail rotor speeds need to be adjusted before you try anything more than a hover.......along with the other various swashplate, blade and rotor linkage tine tuning.

The heli is designed to hover with the "idle-up" swith set at the normal position.....the throttle stick postion at 40% should get it off the ground........never hit the "idle-up" switch until your throttle stick is at 50% or more...and expect (be prepared) for a sudden increase in lift, it changes the pitch (angle of attack) on the main blades which increases the lift dramatically.

There are only just a few more mechanical adjustments that can be made.....since this model does not come stock with a transmitter that allows programable or physical rate adjustment to the head/tail speed and you cannot not set up expo rates or pitch values to make it more controllable......it will be a hand full at first!.......it's really not a beginners heli, in the true sense of the word "beginner"........but once everything you can adjust gets leveled out, keeping it at the "normal" operating speed, will allow you to get the thumbs trained and a feel for the sensitivity this little bird has......flying outside "only" on a calm day is recommended.

fhhuber 05-08-2013 12:03 AM

I kind of cheated... Used a 8 channel computer radio.... and adjusted the throttle and pitch curves so "hover" and "acro" had the same pitch (0) at 50% stick, so switching modes with the heli sitting on the ground didn't change RPM or collective.

Then changing modes (at 50% stick) never put a sudden strain on the drive train and never made the heli jump.

I did find the heli to be more stable at the higher head speed typical of the acro mode. Anything that made it easier to fly... I wanted.

pizzano 05-08-2013 01:49 AM

Many who have the CP2 and the CP3 have resorted to transfering the RX crystal from another craft and programable 6 channel TX and re-mixed the rates........however, the CP's (3in1 or 4in1) gyro cannot be mixed since there is no gain control allowance to the gyro you can adjust.

Here's a link that explains the details and set-ups for a Futaba........I personally have not spent the time trying to dial-in a Honeybee with another TX/RX.....since I lost interest with it (after I got it trimmed and flying well) and was into the 450 class seriously.


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