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birdDog 05-09-2015 01:03 AM

Thrust tube. The Dons Wicked 64mm EDO1 fan and Wicked 4800 motor (26mm bell diameter) require a 2.062" diameter outlet at 80% fan sweep area. Here is a little jig I saw somewhere and thought I might pass it on. Yeah, it's fast and dirty and shimmed with tape but at least it gives me some length/square lines to score the plastic to. Thought I would pass it on.


Getting very close!

crxmanpat 05-09-2015 04:39 AM

Hurry up and finish that bad boy. I love the paint scheme BTW!

Taking mine out again tomorrow for another couple sorties.

birdDog 05-25-2015 01:47 AM

This thing is outrageous, and only on 3s. 4800kv in a EDO 1 64mm 5 blade unit. Donsrc did a really nice job on the dyno balancing. Ducted to 80% FSA it pulls 500 watts give or take a few. The ZTW Mantis 45a esc is performing very well on auto timing. Hand launches beautifully with a light overhand toss. 30 degree climb out absolutely no sweat. Low speed handling is beautiful and the high speed passes really scream. If you want speed, for around $150 complete, THIS is the model. This set up is quite a bit faster than stock, I won't say twice as fast but it's close. It gets tiny very quickly. 3+ minutes on a 2200mAh 3s 30c Turnigy pack with the throttle burried, 7 should be no sweat with management...awaiting delivery of better packs from Revolectrix.

crxmanpat 05-25-2015 04:38 AM

Yep, can't beat this plane as far as bang for the buck. And the kits are on sale again for $40!


birdDog 05-26-2015 12:47 AM

It also has great re-purpose value. I just crushed my previous time record for blowing off the driveway after mowing the lawn. Neighbors are still wondering what the hell I was waving around.

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