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CHELLIE 07-22-2018 11:16 PM

Why do People Stutter
Hi Everyone :ws: Why do people Stutter ???? I used to Stutter so Bad, I made Porky Pig Look Normal :eek: It was very Embarrassing when i was going to school, later in life, I was watching a Medical Documentary on TV on people that stutter, they Had a Class room of people that Stuttered when trying to read a book, Half the Class was Given a glass of wine to drink and the other half was given Valium, I would have wanted Both the Wine and Valium :D after the wine and Valium was given, the people would no longer stutter, Hummm, This Info was very Valuable to me, what was happing is that the Wine and Valium relaxed the Brain and the people could talk Normally.
What I did is take this info and made a Tool that helped me, What I did, is when i Started to Stutter, I would stop talking, Relax my Brain and start over again, if a word would cause me to stutter, i would find another word that had the same meaning and use that, it worked, some times I could not find another word, so I added some more words in front of the word that caused me to Stutter, one word that I had difficulty with is Pomona, Pomona is a town where i used to work at, So, I would add words like, I work in Beautiful Down town Pomona, It worked, at first it was difficult but now I dont stutter at all, I Call my Tool S R S, No that does not Stand for Sex Reassignment Surgery :D It Stands for STOP, RELAX, START OVER again talking, I researched Autism and found out that People that are Autistic have more Micro Columns of Neurology in their Brain and that the Micro Columns are smaller in Diameter and Both sides of the Brain are Wired together, rather than being right side or Left side dominate, both sides are wired together, the problem is that, Autistic people think very Fast and can not send the info from the though area of the Brain to the Speech are of the Brain with out the signal being Shorted out because of the Smaller Micro Columns Neurology in the Brain, trying to pass to much info causes the Neurology to short out, which causes a Micro Seizure which causes Stuttering, this Info I have research for years from Medical Documents, The tool I developed Worked for me, I hope it works for others that may Stutter Too, Take care and have fun, Chellie

Stick Dude 10-24-2018 03:05 AM

Ask Mel Tillis, and Roger Daltry….

dereckbc 10-24-2018 09:51 PM

Have another slobber nocker.

Stick Dude 10-25-2018 02:19 PM

Eh? Slobby Knocker? huh?

solentlife 10-25-2018 07:03 PM

Hi Chellie ...

Relaxing actually works for many other things as well.

I have a job that used to really stress me out. I would suffer blinding headaches, I would sense it coming on ... a tiny throb above the eye that slowly would grow till eyes closed literally. I had tests and all sorts but nothing helped - then I have no idea what made me think of it ... but one day when I felt it starting - I stopped what I was doing ... slowed my breathing and so calmed myself ... as the body and mind relaxed - the throb died away...

Now years later - I don't actually think to relax, I just do it automatically. I still get 'normal' headaches - then its aspirin !! but the 'blinders' are rare now.
I also have learnt over the years - there's nothing worth getting stressed over ... yeh - have a kick at the door ... throw a few words out .. but that's it. Swallow it and move on.


Stick Dude 10-26-2018 07:41 AM

Migraine headaches, stress related. Grinding teeth is another cause my dentist yanked out one, but now im a cracking another wisdom, oh well, time for a mouth guard...

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