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solentlife 07-05-2017 12:42 PM

Phantom 3 take swimming lessons ... my fault ...
It had to happen some time .. I'd have an 'event' with my P3S ...

Wind increased while flying ... and with pushing out - ended up with battery running out before she got home ...

I was more intent on watching signals instead of watching battery and flight speed .. If I had paid more attention to those - it would have been avoided...

Video shows how I rescued it as well ... not separate camera - but by the tablet screen use of GPS of the tablet and the last plotted position on the app.

The P3S had landed in the dense reed bed and tangled up stopping it disappearing to the depths ... it was left with part of an arm and UC leg just sticking out of water ... I had jumped into my motor boat to search and was lucky to see it...

But after a night of fan blowing on the opened up shell etc. - its not working.

Battery puffed of course.

So here's the video ...

For anyone thinking to lecture me on what I did wrong ... please 'refrain' - imagine what I think of myself for making a fundamental error and wrecking a very good model.

I know what I did wrong ...


solentlife 07-05-2017 08:00 PM

Verdict after pal inspected :

Gimbal and Camera are undamaged.

Cables intact.

But mainboard is not operating properly.

Power side is faulty and will not switch off.

GPS is OK.

2.4 is not being transmitted from AC.

5.8 does not seem to be listening to controller commands.

Conclusion : 99% probability that mainboard is shot and preventing operation ... gimbal and camera likely OK, GPS is ok.

Repairs : We could fit a new mainboard for about 150 Euros, but no g'tee that gimbal is actually without fault. If it has - then that will cost another 250 Euros on top ... making total more than a second hand or refurb ...

I have possibility to pick up a P3S which has a motor problem ... so waiting sellers reply. Combine mine with his and I think I'll be back in the air ...


Wildflyer 07-05-2017 10:20 PM

I'm sorry your Quad took a dunk, good thing it didn't hit the middle of the river.

I have had electronic circuits take 1-2 weeks to dry out and come back to life.

I am hoping the system in my seaplane will survive it's swim, I had an ESC explode in midair, causing complete shutdown. Of course I had just made a 180 degree turn when it went out, the plane continued into a spiral dive, hit the water so hard it broke the fuse in half right at the step.

solentlife 07-23-2017 09:27 AM

OK .. because economic repair of my 'submarine' version of the Standard is nigh impossible ...

I am looking at using the basic platform to fit Flight Controller and ESC's ... to create an own machine without all the gizmos.

A 'fun machine' in effect.

The motors and shell are good to go ... so all it needs is that FC / ESC's / 2.4Ghz normal Rx ... and she should fly.

I may sling a simple gimbal / camera under - depends on how successful the swap over is.

It may even cross the acceptable line to become an FPV machine .. something that the DJI setup is poor at.

If I do it .. then there will be a new thread dedicated to it ...


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