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Unconscious Kamakaze 04-03-2021 03:11 PM

Fishtailing wildly when stability is on.
New to hobby and bought a Volantex P51 750mm. I know you only get what you pay for 🙄 It has Gyro and fishtailing to the point of loosing control when stability is switched on. Problem disappears when stability is off but don't have the skill to keep it off for a full flight. I have disconnected the rudder and flying fine now. Just wondering if I have a messed up Gyro or if something else? Thanks in advance!

solentlife 04-03-2021 09:07 PM

You need to find way to reduce the GAIN ....

What happens when gain is too high .. when gyro corrects - it gives too hard a command, the model overshoots and gyro over-corrects other way ... it becomes a vicious cycle that only stops when you switch it off.

So go into the manual and find out how to reduce the GAIN ...

Another factor can be if you fly at maximum speed ... the gyro gain is not universal and when set for a slow or medium speed - can easily be too much for higher speed. So you could try slowing down if you are flying full throttle.

Unconscious Kamakaze 04-03-2021 09:45 PM

Thanks Solent. Cheap pesh is the main problem I think. Rudder disconnected and flying fine. Getting an extra 2 mins flying time so will leave as is. The instructions barely tell you how to put it together! Not technically minded and the enjoyment I'm having flying as is, outweighs the head melt to fix it. I sent a message to the government but they just told me to get it vaccinated. Will do without cheers 😜

solentlife 04-03-2021 10:07 PM

OK Page 11 of your manual shows that you should calibrate the model for level flight ..... Did you do that ?

The Gyro switch shows it has 3 positions : OFF ... Medium ..... Full Beginner.

But of course before any of these - initial setup of model must be with sticks centred (except throttle) and model surfaces centred. If that is not done - then you will be fighting bad trim and Gyro will as well.

Unconscious Kamakaze 04-03-2021 11:59 PM

Yes, did all of the above. I have the Eachine mini Corsair and the setup was basically identical. This problem was happening in 1mph winds and In level flight and turning.

Wildflyer 04-04-2021 07:08 PM

As a test, one time I turned the gains up to max to see what would happen.
Got my little stunt plane about 200 feet high, cruising normal, then hit the switch.
Glad I had the battery tied in real tight, because the plane was going crazy, all surfaces were flapping like a fish on the dock.
Looks cool as hell but don't try it down low, I lost altitude pretty fast.

solentlife 04-04-2021 08:30 PM

Just wondering as the Volantex manual - I couldn't find any reference to gain adjustment other than the 3 position switch going from FULL Beginner .. assist .... off.

This thread on RCGroups - the last post mentions same problem ...


Has anyone noticed the gyro causes very bad porpoising at high speed. The gyro is integrated with the receiver and there appears to be no way to change the gain. Any help appreciated.

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