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WWI Ace 10-29-2005 12:45 AM

Hermann Becker's of Jasta 12. But I don't

WWI Ace 10-29-2005 12:46 AM

member his having tail stripes. Okay, you got me!!!

scalercflyer 10-29-2005 01:14 AM

Hey WWI Ace, where are you getting your info from? Maybe I need to research Walt's tripe too. hmmmmmm... I'll bet it's Hptm. Wilhem "Willy" Reinhard, March 1918

scalercflyer 10-29-2005 01:26 AM

Guys, I found this while I was "flying" around the internet. Martin

WWI Ace 10-29-2005 03:49 AM

No fair!!! Martin has more reference material than me. I cry "FOUL!!!!!" Steve

Walt Thyng 10-29-2005 04:03 AM

(-: (-: (-:

scalercflyer 10-29-2005 12:26 PM

Need to know
Walt you're killing me!! :eek: Am I right? :confused: and what did I win? :D Martin

Walt Thyng 10-29-2005 12:49 PM

Sorry Martin (-:

scalercflyer 10-30-2005 12:03 AM

New project
Walt, how soon are you starting on the new project? Martin

WWI Ace 10-30-2005 02:30 AM

All right guys, I just bought the 1/12th scale Fokker DR1 short kit from www.aerodromerc.com and am awaiting its arrival. Walt's building a tripe. Martin's building a tripe. So Steve will also build a tripe. I can't let you guys have all the fun!! I ordered some Coverite Microlite film to cover it with. Never used it before so I'll give it a shot. It's advertised to be a covering for parkflyers. We'll see!!!! I hope that by seeing what you guys build and reading what you've written I'll do a good build. If I can figure out how to do it, I'll try to post some pics as I go. From the picture of the plans they show it looks close to scale. It's supposed to have a way of linking the ailerons to the rudder so they're coordinated. Should be interesting! Lets build!!!! Steve.

scalercflyer 10-30-2005 03:20 AM

WOW!:eek: Three tripes! All at the same time! I'm loving it! :) I suppose I should be jealous of Steve, beating me to the punch by buying AERODROME's DRI before me (I'm hoping to get one for Christmas!), but I am thrilled for him. There are lots of threads on the build and I understand they fly extremely well. WWI ACE, if I'm not mistaken, the aileron servo is in the wing. No coupling nessacary. Check out the threads Steve
Walt, wanna share what you are doing? :D Martin

Walt Thyng 10-30-2005 04:10 AM

Martin, Let me finish the one I'm working on now (-:

Seriously, I'll probably rebuild the center section to my royal C47 and the my HOB Mustang and FW 190 before I start on it.

Then again, you never know.

scalercflyer 10-30-2005 04:18 AM

Yeah Right! Build it anyway!
I have many airplanes in various stages of repair/build myself. One of the things I enjoy the most about this hobby is you can build as many planes as you want at the same time. The more kits/projects I have going, the happier I am! You gotta love it! :D Martin

scalercflyer 10-30-2005 04:21 AM

Up for Grabs
Walt, do you still have your guessing contest on your tripe going? I have to outdo WWI Ace you know. It's a matter of pride you see (and a little fun). :D Martin

WWI Ace 10-30-2005 01:35 PM

You just can't let me win can you Martin!!! Has anyone ever told you that maybe you are too competitive? HaHa!!!! Don't worry, I left the 35" wingspan tripe for you. This one is almost the exact same size as your DVFlighttech one. Hence the aileron-rudder coupling. I haven't heard of anyone building one of these so I thought I'd give it a shot! I was going to buy the little one from www.giantscaleplanes.com but after seeing Walt build his own, and the fact that the one I was going to buy had dihedral and ugly see-through covering, I decided to build my own. I hope it works!!! I may get the bigger one later. We'll see how true a scale outline this little one has. Steve.

Walt Thyng 10-30-2005 02:04 PM

Nobody's got it yet. so keep trying. The prize is being the first to get it right.
PS along with the kits I've got waiting and the C47 repairs, I've got a Lazy Bee that needs recovering, a set of Lockheed Vega plans that I've been thinking of turning into an Alstair (Mis Southern Cross) and MAN has plans for a really cool double gull racing biplane that I've been eyeing for years. Oh yes, then there's that great 40 sized Airtruk and, and , and (-:

PPS: should have the top wing and fuse finished sometime today.

scalercflyer 10-30-2005 03:25 PM

Don't even think about winning Steve! You're going down in flames!!! You better check your six Pal!! Cause I'll be right on your tail pouring lead into you!! :D :D BTW, is the tripe you are getting featured on the web? I wanna look at it. I went to KINKOS the other day and found out they raised their prices on copying plans to $4.50 a sheet! Man was I mad! :mad: From $3.00 dollars a sheet to $4.50. Maybe I'm in the wrong business!!!! Martin

mikeceleskey 10-30-2005 04:11 PM

The three of you guys crack me up!!! It's like a soap opera!!!!!! My guess is that it's a SABLATNIG. If it's not, then you guys gotta see this one.

Ron 10-30-2005 05:20 PM

Keep em guessin' Walt...............
I just dusted off the building board for this years project...I finished the plans a couple months ago, but the Heli kept me pretty busy for a while.....It's going to be a D V111/EV haven't decided on the exact colour scheme yet, but it's likely going to involve the dreaded lozenge paint job.

scalercflyer 10-30-2005 09:49 PM

Good show!
Ron I'm glad to see you are back in the saddle (cockpit?) again! I love building as much as flying. WWI Ace and I are building DVIIIs this winter. Should be great fun. Keep us posted and hopefully you will have pics, specs, etc for us. Steve, see what you started???? This thread goes on and on....... Martin
PS see this site for some good info on lozenge

WWI Ace 10-31-2005 12:19 AM

Martin if you go to the aerodrome website it shows a profile from the plans of the little tripe. If you click the picture you can see the coupling setup a little better. It's using small metal eyelets somehow. Anyway, like I said, I haven't heard of anybody building this one yet so I'll be the guinea pig!! It says on the site that it's so new that it doesn't even have an instruction manual yet! Says it should be here in 3-5 days. I'm going to put a little outrunner on it so it will almost have a "real" radial engine spinning behind the cowl!!! I think it says the ws of the plane is 23 3/8". Steve

WWI Ace 10-31-2005 12:23 AM

Walt. Does the tripe your building belong to the Red Baron's long lost brother, Steve von Richthofen?Ha! Ha! Steve.

scalercflyer 10-31-2005 01:29 AM

I started!
Well Boys, I started on the foamie tripe tonight (I couldn't stand it any longer). I had a heck of a time getting the fuse from twisting and keeping it straight! :mad: I ended up drawing the centerline on the formers and using it as a reference to keep everything in line while I pinned it down to the work table. I put the tailskid triangle piece in the back of the fuse to align it and then cross braced the fuse in the middle with a small piece of balsa stick. This has produced a true fuse with no warp. ;) I'll remove the stick when the fuse is dry and has all of the foam pieces glued on top and bottom. Low tack painters tape works great to help keep everything together for alignment. :D I'll try to post pics. How do you Guys do it? I have never tried. Martin

WWI Ace 10-31-2005 02:13 AM

I did it exactly the way the instructions explain it and didn't have any trouble. Using foam safe CA takes a little longer to dry so I put the glue on, lined everything up, when I liked the way it looked I put a little baking soda on it and it was done. Make sure you read how to tell one side of the foam from the other. It comes in handy when you start bending curves in it. You'll get it, it's just a little different than what you're used to! Steve.

scalercflyer 10-31-2005 02:26 AM

I'll get it!
Thanks Steve for the tips. :) Maybe it's the builder in me or maybe I'm too particular, but I always build my fuses the same way. Everything seems fine though. The plane should go together quickly. I'll work on it some more this week. Just need to decide when to paint it! :D Before, during or after.... PS I'll call you this week sometime. Martin

hstew 10-31-2005 04:10 AM

Walt: While researching color schemes for our Rough and Ready Aviation foamies I came across a color scheme that is pretty close to yours, A Dr 1 flown by Hans Kirschstein, only it looked to me like the rudder was white. Kind of hard to tell from the picture I found.

hstew 10-31-2005 04:18 AM

Walt: I just read a little farther and after Kirschstein was killed in an accident in another plane Ernst Udet flew the Dr 1

Walt Thyng 10-31-2005 05:05 AM

heh, heh,heh (-:

scalercflyer 10-31-2005 08:56 AM

No Good
You are no good Evil Black Baron Von Walt! :mad: Martin

Walt Thyng 10-31-2005 01:12 PM

I'm feeling sorry for you guys, what with your losing sleep and all (-:
Check earlier posts, there's a hint in one of them.
Got top and bottom wings covered. Ailerons and decals tonight, I hope.

Walt Thyng 10-31-2005 01:13 PM

OOps, forgot. will post photos, that might help a little too.

Walt Thyng 11-01-2005 12:27 PM

Ended up with a very busy weekend. No time for more covering.

Ron, got your PM, but am answering here because it's not fiar to the others. My resource does not say which Jasta this plane was assigned to.

Some of you have mentioned March 1918 as the time period and you're correct.

I've only seen one other very blurry photo of this color scheme so I have to trust that my resource is accurate.
aka Black Baron of Mystery

Ron 11-01-2005 06:09 PM

Walt; I wasn't trying to get one up on the others...even if I have the right one, I would wait till someone else got it...they are having too good a time to spoil it :-)

Nobert 11-01-2005 07:10 PM

I just got the Aerodrome Albatros DVa. What a beautiful kit. Can't wait to get started.

scalercflyer 11-01-2005 11:55 PM

Albatros kit
Nobert, you are going to love it!! I have the DIII kit and have started on the fuse. Goes together extremely easy. Of course you may need to have a little help with the camo scheme. :D Glad to help if needed. Hey Steve!! I'll bet YOU don't have a DIII kit!!! :D :D He He!! Walt, I've been busy too. have you had a chance to peruse the plans yet? Somebody else I know got them too! ;) Martin

WWI Ace 11-02-2005 12:13 AM

No Martin, I don't have a DIII kit but I have a baby DR1 coming!!!! I'm still trying to figure out Walt's triplane pilot. He said the date was right so we must be close! He said the reference picture he was using was a little fuzzy. Does that mean his triplane will be covered in hair? I bet that's gonna cause alot of drag, like a triplane needs anymore!!! Ha Ha !!! Steve.

Nobert 11-02-2005 12:34 AM

Are you going to plank it or sheet it?

WWI Ace 11-02-2005 02:09 AM

Here's some WWI trivia for you lovers of the DIII!!! I found the December 1983 issue of Wings magazine and it has a picture of Ernst Udet posing next to his DIII. The serial number on his aircraft was D 1941. Ironically, that's the same year he committed suicide. Steve.

Walt Thyng 11-02-2005 03:30 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Well here you are: the giveaway (-:
fuselage side and top wing without Iron Crosses

FirstShirt 11-02-2005 03:37 PM

Nitro, How do you like your DR1 from Smoothair? Looks like a real beauty. Just wonder how if flies.

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