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diverdon 12-24-2020 06:37 AM

Can you reuse spectrum receivers ?
Hello , It's been a while since I gave up the hobby ...We didn't have 2.4 ghz transmitters back then ...Think they were 900 ghz ..

So I see they have "Beginner friendly" transmitter/receiver sets now ... my question is ..If I buy one of these planes with this "Beginner" technology can I transfer the parts from one plane to another just in case I crash and destroy the plane it comes in ... I'm talking about the Spectrum transmitter/receiver combo that has "Safe Tech" built in ... The only problem I can see is if the plane I change it to has a different battery voltage .. Anyone know about these controllers ??? ..Thinking about the AeroScout S1

Thank You for any help you can give ...Gonna try this again ...I crashed A LOT last time I tried this ... Thanks again Don J.

solentlife 12-24-2020 11:04 AM

Of course you can .....

The motor power voltage is a separate matter and is reduced to RX level by BEC in the ESC controller.

The only matter to be aware of is servo direction - but most Tx's have reversing - so usually not a problem.

quorneng 12-24-2020 04:20 PM

The AeroScout in particular uses a fairly standard set of 'bits' (2200 mAh 3s, 30A ESC, brushless motor, 6 channel rx, and micro servos) that would be applicable to a range of modest sized planes but remember a crash can damage some of the 'bits' as well as the plane itself.

Indeed I uses more or less these parts on quite a few of my planes and some are not exactly modest!

solentlife 12-24-2020 06:06 PM

Just to add to Quorn's .....

A good investment is a Servo Tester .............. this then tests any bservo - new / old ... acts as motor controller etc. etc.

Wildflyer 12-24-2020 08:10 PM

Only problem that I know of , is that some of the planes that come with certain Spektrum receivers have the "ideal" programming built in and not adjustable. They may have changed that in some of the new receivers but I am not sure.

I have read many people on other forums trying to reprogram the RXs that came with the planes.

If you buy your own Safe RX then you can program it any way you like with what Spektrum calls forward programming done with certain TXs

It all sounds tricky to me, so I don't have any Spektrum Safe RXs, I have Lemon RX stabilizer Plus units with some but not all of the features of Safe receivers. The Lemon ones are very easy to program

solentlife 12-24-2020 08:20 PM

We all recycle radio gear .... that's the beauty of the gear .....

But if a Brand decides to lock its use or setup - then I avoid like the plague. The RC world today has so many better ways and open source has become literally the standard now .....

Maybe its better to just make the move to better, more accessible gear ?

Even FrSky are finding out the hard way !!

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