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solentlife 05-25-2015 03:53 PM

Having quite a bit of fun with this cheapo machine ... and here tested with 11 x 4.7SF prop ....

It was really blustery winds that usually I would stay at home unless flying my larger gear ... but this Hummer seems to just laugh at it !!


tobydogs 08-14-2015 01:47 AM

Hello Nigel,

I just finished putting together the hummer tonight. a mistake I made was to use ca on the carbon fiber and hot glue gun the fasten the surfaces together.

If I read right from other forums, the cg should balance where the wing carbon fiber rods are. if this is right....my hummer is very tail heavy. I can scrape hot glue off. switch out the piano wire control rods on the tail for custom made carbon fiber,but I will still need a 1500mah 30c battery mounted all the way up front to balance this bird.

I'm using an Exceed alfa motor 28-30-920kv with a 10x4.7 slowflyer apc prop I took off a 48"ws hanger queen j3 cub. I also had a 40amp hobby wing in the parts drawer. I really wanted this to be light and use a 1000mah 30c battery since i have a bunch of those from the superfly delta I wasn't using.:( now it looks like i need a much heavier battery or add lead. will go for the larger battery first.

Are you still using the 1250mah batteries? thanks for any suggestions. stu

solentlife 08-14-2015 07:44 AM

Mine balances perfect with metal rids at back end ... but mine are quite thin ... about same as the PKJ used. They actually bend when full reflected so thinking to change for stiffer.

Yes - 1250 Rhino packs ... with back edge about where rear edge of U/C ply is. ESC is glued to sit lined up to LE of wing on other side. The battery ESC leads that connect behind the landing gear underneath.
RX is sitting about where trailing edge lines up ... with Orange 3axis stab on other side of model same place.

Servo's are all 9gr jobs. Two of course at back end.

Motor Turnigy 2830 .... prop 12*6SF at moment - but will change to APC 12*6E.

I can fly this with 1750 Rhinos when wind is up - gives more steady flight ... but the 1250 is best all rounder.

As to glue ? I used epoxy and hot-glue. As you know - I am not a CA fan.


tobydogs 08-14-2015 12:52 PM

thanks my friend,
what do the metal rids mean:confused:and back end of what location?

I read the balance point on the wing is the carbon fiber rod stiffeners. This amazes me since it's so far back.

I also prefer hot glue on epp since it's so quick,strong,and flexible. i just wanted to use CA on all those long lengths of stiffener rods. medium CA right in the slots was fast and clean.

solentlife 08-14-2015 01:33 PM

Originally Posted by tobydogs (Post 979251)
thanks my friend,
what do the metal rids mean:confused:and back end of what location?

I read the balance point on the wing is the carbon fiber rod stiffeners. This amazes me since it's so far back.

I also prefer hot glue on epp since it's so quick,strong,and flexible. i just wanted to use CA on all those long lengths of stiffener rods. medium CA right in the slots was fast and clean.

Sorry that's my Android Tablet does that .......... it 'corrects spelling' to what IT thinks I need !

METAL RODS .... control rods. And back end ... tail mounted servos.

I saw the recc'd CoG and thought - well it would have to be pretty bad to fall behind that - so I rigged her up and flew as is. She's fine !!

But on launch - I have reduced throws to about 40% of full ... saves that heart stopping overcontrol as she leaves the hand ! Once in the air and steady - I flick her to full.

She's a cheap bit of fun.


tobydogs 08-14-2015 10:28 PM

Nigel my friend,

you switched motors to a larger one,with any other mod's how much does she weigh now?

i had to add lead to the nose to get cg right using a light 1000mah 30c 3cell battery. she weigh in AUW 603grams:eek:

battery at 12.42volts, wot watt test is 182.9 watts,16.25 amps. wants to pull out of my hand and go vertical no problem. i guess she's going to be an aerobatic flyer but not a great 3d flyer.:D will know more saturday.

edit:switched to an 11x3.8 slowflyer pac. the wattsup meter show approximately the same reading but with better lift.

fhhuber 08-15-2015 12:48 AM

Sorry that's my Android Tablet does that .......... it 'corrects spelling' to what IT thinks I need !
I have come to the conclusion that auto-complete and auto-correct were written by perverts.

solentlife 08-15-2015 06:57 AM

Hi Stu ....AUW is 675gr.

I fly with a guy who has a Hummer with a 3240 motor up front !

Best prop ? I like the APC 11*5.5E .....

She will go vertical out of hand at lot less than wot.

I really like the Hummer but I hate EPP.


flypaper 2 08-15-2015 11:40 AM

I didn't like the way the tail was built so made a new stab and rudder from Depron. No wood or carbon needed.
Just built it and will maiden it today.


tobydogs 08-15-2015 01:30 PM

thanks for sharing that weight Nigel I was thinking I should remove the tail section to get down to 535g in your first posts...lol:D:Q[JK of coarse:roll eyes:]
I decided to install the landing gear to protect the prop. it's now a 11x3.8 and possibly to big if theres to much torque. now the hummer weighs in at 635g's and required lead up front to attain cg. i want a motor that use's a rubber "o"ring prop saver. this exceed motor doesn't .

I also need a new motor. the one I'm using is at least 8 years old and never used since it was installed on one of my first built kits hanging on the wall as art. it was made by Hobby Partz[nitro planes company] and really doesn't meet the needs for 3d. it's no longer made and is rated for 13 max amps short burst. I am pulling 17amps at WOT.

today is perfect for flying. taking to the field today is the edge 540t,extra 260,hummer, and for a hopeful flight or 2 on the speedshark.dang,i want my 100mph award:tc:. also the 2 250quads to fly later with the gang on the helie side of the field. should be a really long day. sadly the field is closed on sunday so the solar panels can be maintained and additional power lines run.:mad:

tobydogs 08-15-2015 01:33 PM

have a great maiden today Gord!!! i also am maidening today.

tobydogs 08-15-2015 10:21 PM

WOW! what a great day of flying.:D

only 2 disappointments though the hummer was underpowered except when flying full throttle. plus she needed to have more down thrust mounted in that weak motor. must replace it with a motor that can use my 1000mah batteries and also have power to fly this bird.

report on the speedshark is another thread:roll eyes:

540t,260extra,and both quads were the best of the day!!!!!

tobydogs 08-16-2015 02:48 AM

Just finished reading a long tread on another site and am going with the recommend motor Nigel. turnegy 28-36/8 1100kv. ordered it tonight from HK's USA east coast warehouse for $18 shipped. since it's local,it should be here in a few days and up and flying again for next weekend.

even though the power was terrible using a alfa exceed 400 28-30-920kv motor,she still flew nice and will be a blast with correct power. that exceed motor is around 6 years old and only rested for 13 amps burst?????? thats terrible.

will post a vid when I get her all sorted out. stu

solentlife 08-16-2015 04:20 PM

Was flying mine today in wind varying from 5 to 10m/s ..... the 11*5.5 prop just cuts through it and gives side range to work in.

I take it from the prop size you quote Stu ........ you still using SF props ! Honest - swap out for a stiffer proper prop ... and see the difference.


tobydogs 08-20-2015 10:26 PM

Nigel my friend,
I just got the motor in the mail today...fast delivery when ordering from the US warehouse.

I installed it in 5 minutes and put the only 11inch prop i had in the drawer,a 11x5.5:Q. fired her up and all I can say is...WOOOHOOO!!!! she wants to tear out of hands with power from the Gforce 1000mah 30c battery. after a few trial throttle ups,I took the wattsup meter readings.

battery was at 12.27volts, WOT ran 25.24amps and a whopping 265 watts!! now if only the wind wasn't so strong. we have a storm front moving in for the weekend starting tonight into saturday. I also have the superfly delta ready to test fly after marjor repairs. the motor mounts keep melting and breaking. may have to swap it out for a metal angle bracket like we did for the parkjets. will post a vid of the hummer soon. thanks again for the sharing over at that other forum.:roll eyes:. the motors going to really make this hummer sing beautifully!

solentlife 08-21-2015 08:42 AM

Told you Stu ... 11x5.5E .... way to go !!

Forget all that crap advise about using SF props ....


tobydogs 08-21-2015 10:35 PM

3 Attachment(s)

did you have any down/right thrust with your motor on the hummer? I have some since the flight i had last week seemed to have to much climbing with full throttle and the motor was neutral with no down or right thrust.
I also set the angle of the ailerons to be even with the bottom edge of the fuse stiffeners. I read that on the other forum and will know more saturday as the weather looks to be perfect for the hummer and speedshark. along with the regular planes I take to the field.

solentlife 08-22-2015 04:36 AM

The right and down is built into the model - and yes I do have both thrust offsets.

With repairs - I just eyeballed reasonable thrust offsets - and all seems fine.

The aileron neutral - yes I did same, but later set them to eyeball natural line of the wing.

Funny thing is my Hummer is now bent - each repair seems to add to its S shaped fuselage length ! But flight doesn't change.

I may buy another later - setup with all the info I've gained from this first one.

FYI - today, the big Zlin gets its maiden.


tobydogs 08-22-2015 09:39 PM

video of the 3rd flight at the field on a windy day. loved it on low rates and didn't even switch to high rates yet:Q

solentlife 08-23-2015 06:20 AM

Great stuff ....

solentlife 10-12-2015 04:15 PM

Well Hummer #2 ... after #1 crashed at the Club party !! ....

Maiden flight and spot on with no trimming needed ... within seconds - felt absolutely locked in !

Very nice ... and I reckon a Hummer will be part of my kit to near all fly-ins ...

Note : I did not use the ply mounts ... just pressed servos in and dab of hot glue ... tail servos set into the red side cheeks vertically so they lie flush ... ditched the rod parts ... used my own with screw EZ links ...

1250 25C Rhino 3S ... 30A ESC ... 2836 Turnigy motor on 11 x 5.5E APC ... No additional weights for CoG ...



Panther 10-13-2015 11:12 PM

I have been looking at that one lately and the price is excellent. I think I will bite this week.

solentlife 10-14-2015 06:52 AM

Originally Posted by Panther (Post 981890)
I have been looking at that one lately and the price is excellent. I think I will bite this week.

Well worth it.
Its a nice size, power with a 2836 size 1100 - 1200kv with 11*5.5E APC and enjoy the fun. I run usually 1250 3S but on real windy days up to to a 1750 3S pack.
That's the surprise of this model - I can fly this in winds that near all my others are grounded, except my large fuel jobs.

If you read some reports on it - they talk about adding CF and more to her - don't bother. She's fine as stock built.


Panther 10-14-2015 07:31 AM

Thanks mate. Whilst EPP doesn't feel real nice it is damn tuff and I like it for that reason alone. I hate those real thin skinny planes that rely on thread to hold the wings and tail in place.
I bought one once. As I revved it up to do a ground take off, (for the maiden mind you) It sucked a stick off the ground into the prop and the shock made the whole plane disintegrate into smithereens. Short lived junk.

Panther 10-15-2015 09:41 PM

Naughty Panther
Well, I didn't order the Hummer in the end, sorry.
I decided to go slightly smaller as I have a bunch of 6 gram metal gear servos and some motors and ESCs already.
I went for the Reaktor which has really great reviews and I will be able to use it indoors as well.
Besides, my wife loves the colour. :) And, it is cheaper, Still good old tuff EPP. Made by Tech-One still.


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