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Panther 05-02-2017 01:10 PM

Ubeaut lights from Banggood
I ordered a set of 3 lights from Banggood and they arrived today.
These are really great as you don't need to wire them up.
Each light is self contained with its' own LiPo 1s battery. This provides a good 3 hours of lighting.
The set of 3 comes with a charging board and you need to have a usb cable (phone charger) to plug into the board and a tiny plug goes into the light to charge it.
There are 2 Cree LEDs in each light.
I fitted them on a Wing and flew it higher than I normally do and the lights were very clearly visible in daylight.
There are 3 flash settings and a little button on the lights to select which flash you want.
I was so impressed I jumped on the computer and ordered another set straight away.
They are supplied with 3M double sided tape to stick them on but I decided to use velcro so I can swap from plane to plane. I will fix one set permanently when the next lot arrives. There is also some clear laminate cutouts supplied if you have a surface that is not real smooth to stick them on.

Pay no attention to the size quoted on the website.
Each light is 47 mm long and 15 mm wide and only weigh just over 4 grams each. They really are quite compact. It would have been nice to get a extra charger board but they don't take too long to charge up.
Can't wait to do some evening flying. A bit of good lighting can transform the plane. :)

HERE is the LINK


dahawk 05-02-2017 02:06 PM

I have 2 sets. Work great and are very bright !

Panther 05-27-2017 11:58 PM

I bought another set too. I have velcro on several planes now and swap the lights to whatever plane I am using at the time. They look best in the evenings and can be seen more than a klm away. They are very realistic. Looking forward to our next night fly.

dahawk 05-28-2017 04:28 PM

Glad to see BG has them back in stock. The Velcro idea is a good one the two sided tape that comes with the lights is a beech to get off without taking the paint or covering off with it.

solentlife 05-28-2017 09:08 PM

47mm .... thats only a shade under 2"..... quite big ....

mmmmm I do have another use though !! My motorboat needs nav lights !!


Panther 05-29-2017 01:05 AM

Not really big when you see them Nigel. If you use some on your boat, be aware that they are not waterproof as they have a hole for the charger and a tiny cooling hole on the front and rear of them.


dahawk 05-29-2017 01:53 AM

Just bought 2 more sets. Used coupon code : Toysho. Saved 8%

Is there a manual on charging these ?

Panther 05-29-2017 02:29 AM

No, there is nothing and I am still mystified by the extra charge lead that comes with them. I guess it is for an external 1S power supply or some other type of charger.
I have plenty of phone chargers and my LiPo charger has a USB power outlet built in so it is pretty handy for charging these. If I buy another set that will give me 3 chargers so it won't take long to charge them all up.

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