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Bobdaeronort 07-09-2015 05:31 AM

"5ezp" F-16 FALCON
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Rained here all day.
So build I did.
This is the dry-fit stage. Pins and tape holding her together.
Still working on the parts.
Note the inverted ventral pan to promote clean air-flow to the prop.
The "5EZP" Falcon is 47" long with a 30" wingspan.
I'm thinking a SMJv2 with a 6x5.5 prop will do the trick.

Bobdaeronort 07-12-2015 03:29 AM

The Falcon glides.

Bobdaeronort 07-12-2015 05:03 AM

Not the maiden but the fifth flight and this time powered by a SMJv2 with a 6x5.5 prop.

Bobdaeronort 07-12-2015 06:16 AM

Maiden Flight

Bobdaeronort 07-13-2015 01:52 PM

Onboard the Falcon

Bobdaeronort 07-17-2015 04:37 AM


Bobdaeronort 07-19-2015 04:28 PM


Bobdaeronort 08-02-2015 04:15 AM

First flight of the new "5EZP" F-16 v2.1 FALCON with the SMJv2 spinning a 7x5 prop.


Bobdaeronort 08-19-2015 04:01 AM

Flying the "5EZP" F-16 v2.1 FALCON with the SMJv2 spinning a 7x5 prop.


Bobdaeronort 08-19-2015 02:07 PM


Bobdaeronort 08-22-2015 03:46 AM


Bobdaeronort 08-25-2015 03:47 AM


Bobdaeronort 09-29-2015 04:00 AM


Bobdaeronort 10-04-2015 03:38 PM

I start a new job with an Architectural Firm in Fishers Indiana on tuesday.
It looks like I will be commuting initially but moving there maybe as soon as December.
So I'll not be able to do much flying or building until I can move into a new place in the Fisher/Indianapolis area.
In the meantime I will be living vicariously through your builds and flight videos.

Bobdaeronort 02-07-2016 01:41 AM

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Finally had a couple hours to put her together.
new config of the forward fuse and lower nacelle and intake.
looking more prototypical for a mid-pusher-prop.

Bobdaeronort 02-11-2016 08:14 PM

Here is the link to the PDF of the "5EZP" F-16 FALCON


Bobdaeronort 02-17-2016 09:08 PM

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The "5EZP" F-16 FALCONS.
On the left the .85% version 39" long 24" WS for the Micro-jet Motor with 6x4 prop.
On the right the original size version 48" long for the Mega-jet Motor with 7x5 prop.

Bobdaeronort 02-24-2016 01:15 AM

I'm receiving PM's with questions about the Falcon.
I will build the .85 version this weekend and film the process so all you FALCON pilots can get yours built and airborne soon. I have my new 100% version and the previous now crashed FALCON for reference in the build video.
1. Motor and prop recommendations? - The full-size 100% FALCON will fly with either the Grayson Hobby Super-Sonic (2250-230v) motor with either the 6x4 or for a few more ounces of thrust the 6x5.5 (GH S-S draws 28A with a 6x5.5 per Dr Kiwi on REGROUPS) or the Grayson Hobby Super-Mega-Jet with the 6x5.5 (1:1.7 TWR) but is best ( 2:1 Thrust-Weight Ratio) with the 7x5 ( some minor foam trimming may be required).

2. What can I power the 85% Falcon with? - The 85% weighs in at around 16oz. ready to fly. The Grayson Hobby Micro-Jet motor and 6x4 prop should be sufficient but I'm using the Super-Sonic with the 6x5.5 prop instead. The MJv3 and SS use the smaller and lighter 1350 - 1600 mah Li-Po's whereas the SMJv2 uses the heavier 2200 mah Lipo.

3. How difficult is the build? - Actually No more so than the "5EZP" F-4 Phantom or the "5EZP" Su-25 Frogfoot. There are ten pattern pieces altogether and quite a bit of beveling to the build so if you are not good at that you will need to hone your beveling skills before tackling the "5EZP" FALCON.

4. What is the control set-up? - For the "5EZP" FALCON I use an three servo aileron and elevator set-up. The elevator is anhedral and mounted on a carbon rod inserted inside a soda straw ( "Elevator on a stick") Like the "5EZP" Phantom Elevator but at a shallower angle. I am contemplating controlling the 85% version with elevons only by separating the anhedral elevator saving the weight of the third servo and connections.

Bobdaeronort 02-28-2016 11:55 PM

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Well I put the 85% falcon together and made a video. Unfortunately I got only about half the process on tape as the battery failed mid-build. As soon as time permits I will sort this out. Here are some pics of her. She has a 3-channel set-up using just two servos with her anhedral elevators as elevons.

Bobdaeronort 08-15-2016 03:51 AM

F-16 build Part 2

Bobdaeronort 08-15-2016 03:52 AM

F-16 build pt one


ROCKETCHRIS 11-13-2019 09:16 AM

What an incredible modeling accomplishment Mr. Daeronort ! It looks great and flies great too. I just saw the Thunderbirds at an airshow and I have a GHSMJV3 available - Talk about temptation ! I don't know if I have the modeling skill to finish a more complex build like this, But I'm going to give some serious thought to the 85 percent plan.

ThunderAI 06-14-2020 10:16 PM

working on a 1/16 scale F-16 Falcon. Been a little trying getting all the parts to line up and its definitely has a slant to it.


Bobdaeronort 06-15-2020 02:13 AM

Originally Posted by ThunderAI (Post 1024601)
working on a 1/16 scale F-16 Falcon. Been a little trying getting all the parts to line up and its definitely has a slant to it.


Looking Good Thunder Al.
Do you have access to the Owens Corning "Pink" Fan-Fold Foam?
It is better than the green stuff.

ThunderAI 06-15-2020 04:10 AM

id have to look and with how much i spent on the green stuff i doubt my wife will tolerate another foam purchase for awhile. what is the difference? how did you access the battery and where you placed it?


Bobdaeronort 08-02-2020 01:29 AM

Either one makes a good flyer.
I need to finish the build videos.
THUNDER AI managed to put one together.

Bobdaeronort 08-02-2020 01:32 AM

Watch my early F-16 Falcon flight videos and you can see the battery hatch is between the canopy and the motor mount.
I put a 2200mah 3S pushed back to the motor mount for the best flying.

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