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Old Timer 05-10-2015 06:09 PM

Adrian Page 1/5 scale Gee Bee Z kit
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This model is the result of years of painstaking research. Although this is a sport scale model the outlines are very accurate and were taken from old photographs of the full scale plane. Details like the correct number and spacing of the fuselage stringers has been used. The model has been simplified in two areas for quick construction; the wing incorporates strip ailerons and the wing fillets have been modified to allow easier building.

The correct scale details of these areas are shown on the plan if you wish to build your plane to accurate scale detail. The plan also shows the correct placement of all numbers and decals, as well as many other scale details. Flight performance is excellent. Top speed with the Saito .56 4 stroke is approximately 70 mph. The problem faced by anyone who designs a Gee Bee is how to build the thing light enough for good slow speed performance. My design is much lighter than any other Gee Bee I have been able to find.

Note the 24 oz. wing loading. As a result the slow speed performance is unlike any account of model Gee Bee flying I have read. High speed performance is very smooth and hands off stable! Slow speed flight performance is gentle and predictable. The plane does not stall and recover... it just "mushes". Because the wing incorporates washout, it will not tip stall. Knife edge is accomplished with virtually no aileron correction and very little rudder input. Roll rate is very realistic at the recommended throws. Landing requires a long low approach - and a three point touch down. I recommend test flying the plane on a day with a good breeze blowing down the runway. This will reduce the ground speed, "lengthen" the runway, and keep good airflow over the tail. Most people think Gee Bees will be difficult to fly because they are short coupled. Nobody seems to worry about flying wing models though. Flying wings are so short coupled that they have no horizontal stabs at all!

Actually Gee Bees are not as short coupled as most people think. The "fat" fuselage gives the illusion of a short tail moment. Span 57”Length 34”Weight 5 1/2 to 6 lbs.Wing area 550 sq. in.(24 oz. /sq./ft)Engine .46 2 stroke to .56 4 stroke or electric equivalent.

This is the Original full kit that was once offered by Adrian Page models.

$275 + actual shipping.

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