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Griff Murphey 07-19-2019 05:41 PM

New micro Fokker D-7 by Tower RTF $79
This is a gorgeous model far and away nicer than their old WW-1 line. The plane comes in the markings of Ernst Udet complete with ďDu doch Nicht!Ē Tailplane markings ďyou ainít Gonna get me!Ē Great lozenge fabric representation on the lower half of both wings and the upper surface of the lower wing, a nicely painted pilot, music wire landing gear... looks like a well built plastic model. The prop even has a laminated wood effect and makerís tradematk. Streamers are attached to the tailplane.

One feature I am not sure about is the motor. The old line motors were highly fragile and any face plant would often result in a totally jammed engine which in turn would often burn out one or the channels in the receiver brick. At this time a photo of the engine is listed as ďcomingĒ on the replacement parts chart, so I cannot say. The plane is solidly glued together rather than taped... I can well admire the great appearance but on a flying model the ease of repair with a taped model is much appreciated. I had thought that since Horizon now owns them maybe they would have gone to tape but no....

Another feature is a super tiny battery, retained by a magnet. I suggest that if you buy one of these planes, you may want to go ahead and order a spare or two.
It comes with a transmitter, which has wire shafts on the gimbal toggles, I can attest that the all plastic ones on their old units were quite fragile.

Have not flown this plane yet!

CHELLIE 07-20-2019 12:26 AM

Cute little plane :)

Griff Murphey 07-23-2019 03:26 PM

looked good needed a little down elevator trim, I think. I still have not flown mine, itís been too windy. This morning it was still but I have patients!

Couple of small notes, the lozenge fabric seems to be a rubbery sheet that has been laminated on, by vacuum or pressure. It should strengthen the wings. Because the wings are undercsmber as anyone who has tried to cover an undercamber stick and tissue knows, special care is needed. My D-7 has perfect coverage on the underside of the lower wing but there are a lot of bubbles in the covering onthe underside of the upper wing. Might be worth checking if a dealer had several in stock. Also I tried checking to see if the new transmitter would talk to the old series of Tower WW-1s and the answer is no. I have not weighed mine but it seems extraordinarily light.

Griff Murphey 08-11-2019 02:52 PM

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I have flown theíD-7 about 7 times. Itís pretty tender in the air... gets moved around a lot in comparison to my Horizon micro Stearman. I have not weighed it but itís super light compared with that Stearman. It has that curved dihedral stick and tissue guys are familiar with which is likely an Issue with the lamination of the Mylar like covering on the wings. Iím no expert and am likely not as good a pilot as that 9-10 year old kid in the video Chelle forwarded but I have never had a stick and tissue with this curved dihedral that flew well. This plane likes to swoop up with the slightest increase in throttle.

Still, itís good looking and fun if a slight challenge to fly- should be great indoors!

Griff Murphey 02-12-2020 03:32 PM

I now have 25 flights on this plane. I did damage it trying my first effort at indoor flying and may have loosened the motor mount. Itís now flying with a lot more noise, still very sensitive as far as power settings and it will start porpoising without much trouble. Does Best on about 45 pct power. I did bob the prop by about 4mm off each tip and that had helped tame it a bit. Although as a model itís a scale beauty I wish Tower would do a taped together fuselage to facilitate maintenance like e-flite does with planes such as the micro Stearman.

Leadchucker 02-29-2020 12:05 PM

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Little Fokker and mother Fokker. Mother is electric too

Griff Murphey 02-29-2020 01:45 PM

Couple of nice Fokkers. I have been wanting to do Ernst Udetís civil one he flew in Germany before WW-2. Iíd like to know if it was silver or light gray, hard to tell from B&W photos.

Griff Murphey 04-06-2020 12:36 AM

Killed it
Coronavirus boredom got to me and flew it in the front yard. Did a face plant with it on the driveway curb and just like the other previous cheap tower WW-1s it killed the engine, itís still pretty and unmarked but Iíd have to butcher it to get into the nose and transplant a decent motor such as a Horizon E Flite one used in the Stearman. Pretty model, cheap motor. May just let my grandson hang it in his room. I had a grand total of 35 flights with it. It was already running very noisily and eating up the battery, with increasingly shorter flight times.

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