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wollins 11-06-2019 10:31 PM

NovaX 350 Quadcopter for sale.
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Almost brand new, (two or three flights in the back yard – see one at
). Awesome machine!

A bit of history. 😉 When I was looking for a drone it seemed to me after extensive time spent researching pretty much all the “names” out there (from the expensive DJI, Yuneec, Parrot, Autel etc to the cheaper Symas, Bugs, Wakera, etc etc) that most of them had at least a couple of things lacking based on the following criteria that I had for a drone:

My criteria for the perfect drone (for me) was as follows:

1. It had to be RELIABLE.
2. It had to be feature rich
3. It had to be powerful
4. It had to look different!
5. It had to be NON chinese. Nothing against the chinese but they weren’t noted for their quality!)
6. It had to have a “real” transmitter.
7. And now here’s the BIGGEE. It’s power source had to be NON proprietary!!!

The most important criteria to me was reliability ... during my research I noted that flyaways seem to be common even with the "big name" drones like DJI. When I say feature rich I wanted something that was capable of all the bells and whistles that was available without the really premium price. Ie: Waypoint capability, Headless, Altitude hold, Return to home, GPS nav, etc etc etc.

Power: This thing is POWERFULL. If you wanted to make it a camera drone it can carry a “real camera” (GoPro etc) for example with no change in performance.

Different looking: As you can see pretty much all the drones out there look the same … this one looked cool, (in my opinion) kinda like an alien spacecraft and the idea that I had a unique looking drone was appealing to me. 😊

Let’s face it, Chinese quality is not known to be the best … lets just leave it at that. This drone is American made.

Ever notice how all the drones then (and now) have these dinky “toy” radios? Well, I wanted a drone that used a “real” radio … one that didn’t feel like it could slip out of my hands at any time and one that didn’t make me feel like I was playing a playstation game or something. (Hey I’m an old school plane guy so I come by this preference honestly! Lol!)

Now here’s the second biggee. Non proprietary battery. NONE of the drones out there (big name or otherwise) had this last criteria. Every single one of them FORCED you to buy their “special” battery. This drone allows you to use whatever brand or size (that would fit of course) battery that you wanted, and that was HUGE for me. This meant that I could use inexpensive (or not) packs that I already had on hand with my drone.

Long story short, I bought the RTF version and it cost me almost CDN $900 what with the conversion, duty and shipping. Selling for $395 PLUS I’m gonna throw in the following $150 worth of items for free:

A fairly new 3S 4000mah pack.

A Mobius action cam (used thrice?)

A Mobius FPV Docking Station with Mini Video TX 5.8GHz 32ch 200mW (

Eachine VR011 FPV googles.

So why am I selling? Well, I soon discovered after I joined the drone craze that as an old school airplane guy, drones, FPV flying etc etc was really not for me. Hung onto the gear til now cause I was out of the hobby for the last three years plus. Now that I’m back I’m clearing out the RC things that I don’t use and am probably never gonna use.

PM me if interested. Willing to ship at buyers cost.

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