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Turbojoe 03-01-2014 02:22 AM

WTB: Beam 450 parts or crash jobs.
Got a Beam 450 heli that you lawn darted and just can't bring yourself to spend the bucks to put it back together? Got a pile of Beam 450 parts that you need to sell off to support the newest hobby that is draining every dime from your wallet? Lemme know whatcha got. If the price is right I may be interested. Sorry, not interested in Align or clone parts. Also prefer the moldy oldie antiquated flybar heads. Not into FBL yet..


pizzano 03-01-2014 03:24 PM

Since many of us who have owned a Beam 450 have moved on with other advancments, and most likely those who have held onto them for sentimental or nostalgia reasons (particularly the flybar models) most likely will be hesitant to give up their parts for such, here's a link, just in case:


Surprising enough, parts are still in stock and a few guys still just love their Beams........;-)

Turbojoe 03-01-2014 04:02 PM

Originally Posted by pizzano (Post 941241)
Since many of us who have owned a Beam 450 have moved on with other advancments, and most likely those who have held onto them for sentimental or nostalgia reasons (particularly the flybar models) most likely will be hesitant to give up their parts for such, here's a link, just in case:


Surprising enough, parts are still in stock and a few guys still just love their Beams........;-)

You'd be surprised how many are willing to sell. I picked up my second Beam as an SE/V2 crash job that needed a few small parts I had to get from AMAIN hobbies but I've also bought a big pile of NIB parts from the various forums and feebay. A lot of people just forget they have the stuff until they see a WTB post. I haven't flown in a long time and I never was competent much past hovering and some very basic sport flight. I'll probably have some crashes as I try to move forward so I want to have all the parts I'll need within easy reach. ;)


Turbojoe 02-15-2015 11:16 PM

What the heck, I've got posts all over the place now. I know heli's aren't big here but you never know. I'm still looking for Beam stuff. Now I'm looking to build my third one so I'd like to find another airframe. Interested in parts too. Let me know what you have. I may be interested. Don't need any electronics though.


Turbojoe 03-07-2015 04:03 PM

I'm still in this BEAM thing bigger than ever. Below is a cut and paste from my latest post at Runryder:

I'm really not very interested in RTF birds and the prices they command because of the electronics. I'd like to find a V1/V2/SE airframe (even crashed) or some SE specific parts. I already have enough E4 V1 parts to open a BEAM hobby shop but if the price is right I may be interested in just about any parts you have especially side frames, bearing blocks, tail booms/boxes and FBL heads. Even yet another V1 airframe if that's what you have (but V1 is not terribly high on my list of priorities). I'd prefer N.I.P. parts but if what you have is used but serviceable (needs bearings etc.) that may be OK. Let me know what you have.

Keep in mind BEAM parts are still readily available world wide so I'm not looking to pay platinum prices for anything. I'm a cheap bastard and I'm looking for good deals here at home. If there's anything I need REALLY bad I can still order it online so please don't try to beat me up on price simply because USA availability has dried up.


pizzano 03-07-2015 04:36 PM

Try shouting over at HeliFreak.........lot's of guys from the U.S. there too.

The site is down for maintenance now......should be up by Monday 3-7-15.

Turbojoe 03-07-2015 05:42 PM

Yep. I've been posting to the main heli forums and every time I update I get more replies and more killer deals. Pretty much already cleaned out A Main Hobbies for what I can use. HF has been down a lot lately unfortunately. Got some CRAZY good deals from runryder.com though.

Beam parts are still out there and easily available everywhere in the world except the USA. Seems all the USA "sheeple" have been sucked in by Align and the constant need to spend every penny they have to replace almost everything that came in the original Align kit with one high dollar upgrade or another. Never realizing the BEAM is far superior and needs no upgrades. I've got a few T-Rex 450's including the PRO and they're going away soon. Even after spending way too much money I'm STILL not happy with them. Beam's require no extra cost. I'll stay with them and stockpile BEAM parts for now.


pizzano 03-07-2015 07:02 PM

Glad to hear you're getting some respones......although, you are certainly in a small minority crowd....especially since they have been out of business for a couple of years now.........if my memory serves me correctly, there basic 450 had some decent Scorpion equipment and their V1 & V2 versions went with carbon fiber frames. Other than that, and being light weight, they only appealed to the "want to be different crowd"........parts were always a problem to get, even when new, the tail linkage assembly and swashplate assemblies were in need of constant attention......even after the E4 came out.

Pride of ownership has it's positive "feel good" aspects.........but there are many other attributes related to "sustainability" that Beam could not overcome. There's several positive reasons Align, Gaui, E-Flite, Raptor and SAB are still in business.........it's not just because they are predominantly made with China parts and manufactured in Asia (so were many of the Beam's) where costs and volume makes "sustainability' possible..........go fiqure.....?

After all......it's about enjoyment and pleasure. If Beam's lighten up your day......it's all good in my book......;)

Turbojoe 03-07-2015 07:56 PM

Actually BEAM is 100% still in business. It seems sheeple in USA are convinced that if there aren't upgrades to spend every dollar they make on then the heli just isn't viable and is no longer available. Insert Align and every other crappy 450 size heli here....BEAM thrives in the rest of the world because there are no upgrades. Buy it and fly it! Align thrives in the USA. Buy it and continue to send Align your paycheck for upgrades! For whatever reason sheeple here in the USA think that equates to a good product? :concern: :eek: :rolleyes: :blah:

BEAM lost the USA market for that very reason. The BEAM requires no upgrades and us American sheeple just couldn't understand the concept. Align likely doubled profit on upgrades alone while they raped us on the kits we bought! Beam is still VERY strong in the world market though. Seems the world market is much smarter than us Americans when it comes to electric heli's. ;)

Beam didn't take off here in the USA like it should have because sheeple didn't have an outlet to waste their money on upgrades that should have been integrated into the kit before being released for public consumption like Align does. The BEAM didn't need any upgrades. It was already the best it could be at that particular point in time. Align and after marketers provided the upgrade avenue (and money pit) that should have been included in their kits.

Damn, I'm sounding like a BEAM corporate exec. 100% not the case. I have BEAM V1 and SE as well as T-Rex 450 PRO to compare side by side. Beam wins my vote hands down.


pizzano 03-07-2015 08:41 PM

LOL.......Naw....you don't sound like any "corporate exec." I've ever met (they usually understand market segment "sustainability") and have less product hype in their conversational tone......lol......just an enthusiastic salesman........:)

You're "heart burn" for Align is amusing though.......although, the cost of a stock Beam SE is quite in-line with an equal TREK version that requires NO up-grades.......you've failed in comparison, to discuss Gaui and SAB.....which are todays standard in the industry.....No up-grades needed (just a bit more pricey).....and a very solid U.S. corporate representation.

Like I stated previously........"If Beam lightens up your day" and don't mind the lack of U.S. corporate and market representation..........it's still all good in my book.........don't have to convince me or any other long time RC heli pilot that Beam has (had) quality........but, by todays equal (apples to apples) standards, just "run of the mill" now.

Happy hunting Joe........;)


When Beam first came out with their 450 (and even in many circles today).......they were considered a TREK clone.........could that be due to the "Standard" that was originally set (even in Europe) by Align..?.......Success does not need to hide or generally does not loose it's fan base and market segment, because it can compete and "sustain" longevity in all market segments.........while providing economic flexibility across the board.....by offering the consumer various options by which they can invest their time and money. Which allows the consumer the ability to pick "their poison".........U.S. consumers historically prefer(options) over rigid methodology......thus, Beams down-fall here, in the largest hobby market segment in the world (per capita).........!

Turbojoe 03-07-2015 11:13 PM

Yeah, it's all about what floats your boat and the Beam does that for me. As for your comparisons the SAB is a HUGE stretch of a 450? with 380mm blades so isn't even in the same size range. Apples and oranges. I really liked my Gaui 550 but good luck finding ANY parts for one. Even worse than for the BEAM. I'd be afraid of the same fate for any Gaui version now and that keeps me from considering one. I wasn't comparing to them anyway. Mainly the 450 competition being Align that I personally feel is inferior.

Sooooo, back to the premise of my original post. I'm looking for BEAM 450 parts. ;)


MikeC1900 11-23-2015 03:09 PM

Beam E4 450 and Parts for Sale
I have a completely assembled BEAM E4 (5+ years old) for sale along with two more complete frame kits. I also have several new parts to go with the aforementioned components. The completed kit needs new cyclic servos and there are no electronics on the frame kits. If your interested, let me know and I'll send you pictures via email. Asking $450 for the lot of 3 units plus parts.

Turbojoe 11-23-2015 05:51 PM

Thanks Mike but since last post I've cleaned out Australian supply and picked up a N.I.B. SE. I now have enough Beam parts to open my own hobby shop. Guess it's time to close this thread.


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