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mankal 04-17-2008 02:41 PM

How about this Piper Cub?
I'm ready to graduate from micro to a 3-4 channel plane. I've read a lot about the parkzone/Hobbico piper cubs which are about 150 dollars. I can across this: http://www.nitroplanes.com/j3pipercub.html that is 3 channels (good enough for me) and at a price that sounds too good to be true. I cannot seem to find any reviews on this product and would appreciate any input you may have to offer. Thanks

GreenAce92 04-17-2008 02:46 PM

Ive had this plane before and here is what i think about.

it is way underpowered(if you buy the direct drive version)

the transmitter sucks, its like an rc car like transmitter(some versions have the 3ch tx type with the throttle in the front)

The material is brittle, so if you crash it breaks into like three pieces.

And the flight itmes suck

If you do want to buy this plane make sure you get geared version. A member here gzrfrk will help you out on where to buy the geared version. It is cheap but its ARF. So you need a radio system.

or you can buy a really good plane the Supercub. its 160bucks but everything comes in it and its a great flyer.

another is a slow stick but its arf(need radio gear, servos, receiver, esc etc..).

Ok, i see it is the right type of tx, (elevator and rudder on one stick to the right of tx, and throttle on the left.).

Angler-Hi 04-17-2008 02:59 PM

I would start out with the Hobby Zone Super Cub. Many people here will tell you the same thing. It's great for beginners. She's a 3 ch plane (throttle, rudder and elevator). She's a very docile flyer and easy to learn on. Here's a link:


Good luck and good winds. You may want to go with a plane that has a good track record like the HZ Super Cub. That doesn't mean that just because there are not many reviews on a specific plane, that it's a bad aircraft. It just limits the advice and suggestions from other pilots because they don't know anything about that particular plane. Good luck friend and welcome to Wattflyer!!!


mankal 04-17-2008 03:07 PM

Thanks for the quick replies, I just cant justify 150 dollars right now and thought that my option at 70 bucks would suffice

GreenAce92 04-17-2008 03:14 PM

70bucks, hmmm.... i bet there is a better plane you can pick up for that price. SOme people will say this is a good bird, but just make sure that if you do buy it you get the geared version(flies longer and gives more power).

Angler-Hi 04-17-2008 03:21 PM

The plane you are looking at is powered by a 380 motor and uses a Nimh battery pack. That battery is heavier than a Li-po battery. She might be a little underpowered but who knows. If you do buy her, just make sure that you fly her on a calm day with ZERO wind!! Good luck to you friend.


GreenAce92 04-17-2008 03:23 PM

2 Attachment(s)
she is very underpowered from my experience(this is with the direct drive version.
ask me how i know :Q:red:

madwebtvscientist 04-19-2008 12:13 AM

Saving The Flyzone J-3 Cub
:) mankal,

Light LiPo batteries and a few structural modifications makes the FlyZone J-3 Cub a very pleasurable flying plane. Please click on the included url to enjoy the adventures of newbies and "not-so-newbie/s" with this little 4 channel beauty.

A neat thing about larger Park Flyers is that they provide a unique balance of characteristics that helps to intensify the excitement of flight. The challenge of controlled flight vs. crashing along with the possibility that modifications can help insure success, and the stress of suspense knowing you could be wrong (past experiences can make the stress almost unbearable just before flight, but here you are, you must go ahead and try to get the thing to fly even though you really don't want too because of the terror of what might happen). Once you actually succeed in doing what your emotions clearly suggest is ridiculously impossible, your hooked!

Yes, the J-3 performed perfectly my last time out, but not before I had to endure the above indicated stress. Now I just dearly love my slightly modified Cub!


Modeling Promoting Blog:

Modeling's rendezvous with destiny will surely be unstoppable when something greater than the narcissistic pleasure of an esoteric chosen few is adopted in modeling.

gzsfrk 04-19-2008 03:28 AM

Thanks for the lead-in, GA. :)

Yes, I am the proud owner of one of these planes, and I really love it. Now bear in mind that GreenAce is absolutely right about having to get the geared version as opposed to the direct drive. The one I originally got was fortunately the one with the gearbox. However, I later ordered the Piper Cub from their site that has the camo paint scheme, and it came with the direct drive 380, and flew like a dog (until I upgraded it to a brushless outrunner, that is).

It's a great plane and flies pretty easy, although it being a Piper Cub, it's very responsive and easy to over-control. Green is also right about the controls--it doesn't come with the controller shown. The one it comes with is this one. You can't see it in this picture, but it has a throttle control on the back of the right side, next to where your right index finger rests. Not at all a standard control system, but I got used to it without developing too many bad habits. And then later on when I got a real radio, I just upgraded it to 72Mhz and it worked great.

One thing, though, buy this plane from Raidentech.com if you decide to get it. It's the same plane (and the same company running the website, actually), but from Raidentech.com you get free shipping on orders over $50 when you use the coupon code "CJFREESHIPPING".

In fact, just to be safe, if you decide to get this plane, what I would do would be to call Raidentech on the phone (number is listed on their site) and tell them that you want to place an order for the SDM Piper Cub with the gearbox if they have them in stock, and that you DO NOT WANT the direct drive version. The guys on the phone there are pretty helpful, although it can be hard to get through--I get a busy signal most of the time when I call during business hours.

All that being said, I would advise you to get the Wild Hawk as a beginner plane for the exact same price. It's not as aerobatic a plane as the Piper Cub, but it's much easier to fly (it's basically the same thing as the Easy Star, which costs $150-$200). Also, you'll get longer flight times, and the controller it comes with uses a standard 3-channel control scheme. Just bear in mind that it flies more like a glider plane than a sport plane. You can do loops and even fly the thing inverted for a good distance once you get really good at controlling it, but it's not like flying a fancy stunt plane by any measure.

At any rate, for $70, you can't hardly beat either of those planes for beginners. Not only are they easy to fly (particuarly the Wild Hawk), but they can also be upgraded later and turned into very nice flyers even for the experienced pilot. I upgraded my SDM Piper Cub with a brushless outrunner (after I saw how well my other one flew after upgrading it), and it's an absolute screamer now. Of course, you do have to keep the plane in good enough condition to upgrade some day. :)

I think that's where Green got off track--his was in pretty rough shape by the time he had started getting into the brushless motor scene. :)

gzsfrk 04-19-2008 06:25 AM

Originally Posted by GreenAce92 (Post 394777)
The material is brittle, so if you crash it breaks into like three pieces.

I disagree on this point, at least with regard to the SDM Piper Cub I got. provided you do the typical clear-packing-tape reinforcements on the wing and fuse, it a very resilient little plane. And when I did finally break the tail off the thing, a little bit of 5-minute epoxy and a little more tape, and it's back good as new.

Originally Posted by GreenAce92 (Post 394777)
If you do want to buy this plane make sure you get geared version. A member here gzrfrk will help you out on where to buy the geared version. It is cheap but its ARF. So you need a radio system.

Actually, the one I bought was RTF, as is the one I linked to in my previous post. Of course, I wish they would sell these as a super cheap ARF. I actually found one site in china that sells an ARF version of the yellow Piper Cub for $15 (included a brushed motor, but no servos, ESC, battery, or receiver--just the body and the 380 motor). But the shipping was $20 from Hong Kong, which made it a substantially less appealing deal.

Originally Posted by GreenAce92 (Post 394777)
Ok, i see it is the right type of tx, (elevator and rudder on one stick to the right of tx, and throttle on the left.).

Actually, even though it shows that transmitter, the SDM Piper Cubs actually all come with the ugly one I linked in my previous post. However, the other Yellow Piper Cub (as well as the camo scheme one) on both Nitroplanes and Raidentech is made by GuanLi and actually comes with a pretty nice looking 4-channel transmitter, although it's a 27Mhz AM radio system instead of the 27Mhz FM system that comes with the SDM Piper Cubs.

GreenAce92 04-19-2008 06:33 AM

Well i got mine from Chief Aircraft, they had em on clearance sale 2 for 80bucks, i thought well i need a 3ch radio system so ill crash this one and gut it. theres a lengthy thread im part of over at RCu where we discussed the SDM and disected it built different planes etc.. mine was really underpowered(it was direct drive) brittle(nosed in it broke into three pieces. and i had that bad 3ch system but i did master it later though. got a 5min flight out of it. i myself my opinion do not like this cub(dont mean to upset ya or anything) i like the Parkzone j3 cub more as to me it looks better and flies much better. i think i just got the bad version(bad tx and powerplant)

see look at this bad...

oh dont take this in a bad way gzsfrk i respect your liking for the SDM cub.

that is a really good idea though about reinforcing the parts with tape and stuff.

all you gotta do(if you got the direct drive version) is just chuck it and it will go see heres mine flying.


GreenAce92 04-19-2008 06:47 AM

Oh man now here is a sick SDM Type pipercub.


gzsfrk 04-19-2008 07:07 AM

Originally Posted by GreenAce92 (Post 395681)
oh dont take this in a bad way gzsfrk i respect your liking for the SDM cub.

No worries, man... After I got the GuanLi Piper Cub with the direct drive setup, I totally sympathize with you on them being a crappy flying plane. I just got lucky and got the gearbox one with the bigger prop that could actually fly for 15+ minutes at a time.

But yeah, now that I've put brushless in mine, I think I probably would have trouble flying it with the old brushed+gearbox config. Yes--I've gotten spoiled. :)

Still, learning to fly my Cub with the brushed powertrain was really a good thing, because it taught me a lot about conserving momentum and--especially--being careful.

GreenAce92 04-19-2008 03:09 PM

Indeed, i learned not to pull up too fast lol, first flight pulled up too fast, SDM cub stalled out and broke.

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