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compflight 12-09-2009 07:35 PM

Sebart Angel S 30 on 4S?
The recommended size of lipo is 3S and about 2200maH and I am currently using a 3S 3000maH but flight times are about 5 to 6mins maximum. the temperature ehre in the UK has only been about the 9c mark but these are still remarkably short and this is with some degree of throttle management, no 3D just the pattern style flying. Is this normal?
Could they have meant a 4S? If I changed to a 4S 3000maH what would be the likely result? This morning I tried a smaller prop from the recommended 14 X 8 (but using a 14 X 10) to a 13 X 10 but had little effect, so is the change to a 4S the next step or am I doing something wrong?

I look forward to some suggestions from more knowlegable people than myself.

compflight 12-10-2009 03:53 PM

Just thought I would post the flight data recorder file in case people can see more clearly - but found I am not sure how to do it.
Any ideas?

compflight 12-10-2009 03:56 PM

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I think this should be it.

compflight 12-13-2009 04:45 PM

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Well, anyone buying an Angel 30 needs to know it should say 4S in the manual. 3S barely cuts it.
Have included a Eagle Tree data logging session made on the sexond flight which confirms my suspicions. It has plenty of reserve and gave a good flight with unlimited verticals. The lipo will still be improving yet so I am very happy.
Moral : dont beleive all you read in the manuals since they are trying to sell their product and know you may read them before buying the item. I did this and wasted money on four 3S 3000maH Lipos that would have made me much happier if they had said hat I need to use 4S.

gravity wins 12-16-2009 12:22 PM

Hi compflite,
Can you tell me the specs on the 4S battery used and what prop was used? I assume you had to prop down from what you used with the 3S battery.
I have been flying mine with Zippy H 3S 3300mAH 20C and 13x6.5 APCe prop and get around 8 minutes with a bit of throttle management. I would like to try 4S, but would like prop recommendations. How heavy is your battery and did you have any CG issues with it?
Thanks in advance,

compflight 12-16-2009 08:55 PM

The Lipo was nothing special but are excellent lipos. This was a Turnigy 3000mAh 4S 20C - 30c Lipo Pack. The Futaba transmitter is set for a landing after 7mins and that leaves about 10 to 20 percent amps in the tank. However, since it is set to count down well above zero throttle I get about 9mins actual flying time which even I find acceptable.
The prop used is a 12 X 6 which gives unlimited verticals.
I found the extra weight over that which is quoted as supposdly for a 3S (dont believe that for one minute, not by the performance and flight duration I got) made the plane fly better with the added weight it became much more acceptable as a pattern practice airoplane.
The weight of this 4S battery is 337gm and to be honest I think it would handle a 4000maH 4S battery but I havnt tried that yet as there now is no need.
When flown with the 3S I found that the pack had to be positioned so far in to the motor frame that I had to make up an addiotional tray that was level with it. Now, although better it still sits a little in to that area, which is one thing that makes me think of trying the 4000maH but its not going to happen as now I have eventualy got the bird flying how I like and for as long as I like I will just buy some more of those fantastic Turnigy Lipos.
(No I dont work for Hobby King or whom so ever sells the darned things!)
Change to 4S - its a different bird.

gravity wins 01-06-2010 06:27 AM

Hi Complight,
Finally had a chance to try the Angel 30 on 4S last weekend. 2 flights using Turnigy 3600mAH 30C and 12x6 APC E prop. Wow, I now have the vertical performance I have been looking for and it will still slow up without any nasty side effects. Landings are easier as the 4S Battery makes the plane less floaty than before. I am able to feed in throttle to just keep it flying along the strip and land it at my feet with minimal rollout.
Very happy with this setup (battery weighs 395g).
I have an average consumption of 310 mAH per minute so 10 minute flights are a reality. I will order some more so I can fly all day! Happy camper - thanks for the advice,

Max Shiau 02-25-2010 10:04 PM

WOW i finaly found you guys! I love the design so much that i have decided to buy one, i too like you guys are guning for a patern flyer. but i want to be able to get down on the deck to do some hovers also. Is this baby good for this?
Anyways i hope you guys are still doing follow ups on this post and can see my question.
I would like to ask
1 What motors to go for? are you using the hacker stuff or the more better turnigy ones from HK
2 Whats the verdict on the lipos? Turnigy 4s 3600 20c good for 10 min give or take 1min or need a bigger one to do the job.
3 what props you got on the nose?
1+2+3= what set ups do you think is best for patern practice and ocasional hovering?
I have not got the model yet but want to sort out the budget and get the lipos and power train when i pass by HK this year. I was thinking of getting 6 sets of lipos as starters.
just saw the price for the 4s 3600 20c $30 looks real sweet
Hey Gravity wins can you hover with that set up? what kind of throttle position you need for hovering?

gravity wins 03-22-2010 03:14 PM

Hey Max, sorry haven't been to this thread for quite a while. To be perfectly honest if you want to hover and harrier, you are better off with the 3s battery option. My setup is as Sebart specifies - Haker, 60A ESC, separate BEC 8A. The only problem I have with the 4S battery is it is now unbalanced vertically. The higher (thicker) battery causes the model to roll out of KE. I now have to push reverse aileron to keep it on a knife edge. Need to adjust the battery tray lower in the fuse - or return to the 3S option

Max Shiau 12-18-2010 01:12 AM

well it seem a long time since i came back to this thread, i have a good excuse. My angel is flying well with the 4s set up, needed to put around 40g on the tail for balance.
i have used it in a friendly compition at a neibor model club and got second place... it was a first place run but visitors seldom get first place so what i got was not what i diserved says everyone not from that club.
Anyways to whom visiting this thread i have something to share.
1. if you want a non-binding and non-slop perfomance from your control serfaces use ball-links, the stock stuff are control tab dependent, if you tighted it up it will have no slop but it will bind and if you lose it up it will slop, i noticed the slop when i was landing the other day, the angel was doing the dolphine when i was coming in.
2. the landing gear is stiff enough for grass landing but be sure to not land hard it will bend and look like crap. if possible fabricate cf ones.
3. my motor which was stated 900kv was only 500~600kv turnigy sk, no supprise there so changed to 13x6 from 12x6.
4.i am using 4s 3600 20c turnigy good for 8min with still 3.75~3.85 after landing and the packs do not heat up at all. estimated 10 degree change maximum.
5. you will love this angel it fly like no other 30 class.
6. do not rush to put on all the extra stabs such as the T-wing and stabs on the main wing, i only put on the T-wing in the end, didnt feel the need to put on the main wing stabs.(though i think it will look better then now)
7. if size and battery pack $$ is an issue for you then get the angel 30 nothing in the same class can compair to this bird.
8. I am really on to f3a and will buy the wind 50 soon, but i am having second thoughts because the angel is too good. i am only considering it because i have a few packs of 6s 4000ma 40c cells which i got and was a bit too light and small for the Trex550e 3G.
9. the Blue and white looks great on the ground but on a cloudy day and in long distances it is not as clear as a yellow and black. went the wrong way once and the model was nealy out of visual range.
Oh and if you buy a sebart be prepared to be addicted.
And last thanks to everyone on this thread you guys helped a great deal on the battery choice, i then got 2 packs of nano-tech which was only 3300ma will need to put some weights on thos, went up with it once and the balance was horrible, stalled duing landing and bent the landing gear. decided to get my buddy to make me a pair of CF or FG ones. will need to cut some belsa for the landing gear wing too because i glued the old ones on solid.

SerjuRO 10-25-2011 01:27 PM

Hi all,
I use a 4s 3300mAh Nanotech, a 4250 600kv AEOLIANMOTOR and a 14x7 APC prop. It takes 37Amps.
I can fly over 10 min mixed acrobatics.

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