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Panther 06-09-2018 10:06 AM

What is so good about Castle Creations ESCs?
It seems to me they break down like any other
They have design faults like any other (recalls)
their Customer Service does not exist.
Phone calls are not answered or returned
Emails are not answered or returned

Yet people reckon they are great... WHAT?

I would never purchase a Castle Creations product due to the above.

I am sure there are much better products and cheaper that just don't have these problems.

They can't even respond to a thread like this to try to appease their 'customers'
Maybe it won't be long before they no longer exist like some many other 'couldn't care less just give me your money' companies:(

solentlife 06-09-2018 11:05 AM

I have to admit - that I see many people post their liking for CC ESC's ... some reckon that CC tolerance for high amp demand is better ...

For me : I'm a cheapskate and buy the cheapest I can get ... and so far have not had any problem. I use Hobby King Red Brick, Blue SS, HK plain and their YAP series ... all work. I also have had Miracle ESC's of eBay ... worked ..

A few I fly with have changed to ESC's with SimonK programmable capability .......... and they swear by them.


birdDog 06-09-2018 11:59 AM

I like their option the manually program throttle end points. They also offer very quick throttle response. Inflight data logging included in some models can be pretty handy.

I've also had a couple Talon 90's smoke on me for no apparent reason.

I use many of their 20a BECs. That is my favorite product from them.

I rank HobbyWing a close 2nd and set up with an idle up switch when low end response is critical.

dahawk 06-09-2018 01:25 PM

CC’s to me are a bit over rated. Had one fail last year. But maybe just the luck of the draw. They do get a premium. Have had good luck with the HK plushes and Hobbywing

solentlife 06-09-2018 01:51 PM

I know that various HK ESC's work on same programmer card as Hobbywing ... and others on same card as Miracle and other ESC's .. so I have suspicion that there is brand crossover ...

For me as long as I put in an ESC that is well over max amps expected ... I'm fine with my cheapo HK's ...

Funny thing is - my WOT4 on 5S ... the ESC is a 60A HK job ... and it had lost part of its heat shrink - I think this was one I opened up to get the heatsink more exposed.
When fitting gear back in after repairs - noted I had written on it ... 2 - 4S !!

It works perfectly well on 5S.


Wildflyer 06-10-2018 01:27 AM

I have had a no name ESC included with a motor I bought on Ebay, just quit, won't do anything except run the servos. Motor was beyond my wildest hopes so I am still happy, wish I could get more matching motors.

Only ESC that has gone out rather spectacularly was a Hobbyking special seaplane ESC with reverse. You could back the plane away from the dock and turn, then STOP the motor, flip my retract switch, and then power away in forward.

I messed with my friends heads by putting the battery inside the plane, which is a bugger in a seaplane to get it as far forward as needed. Then I power tested the plane knowing it was in reverse. about 3 of them looked on in shock as they didn't think I would make such a mistake. Finally one guy said 'Dave you have the motor wired wrong" he knew it was the maiden flight.

I said no it's fine, and of course flipped the switch without him seeing it. then bumped the throttle and the motor run correctly. You should have seen the look on his face.

Well I went for the maiden flight and took-off with no problem made a turn and started to trim it out.
Suddenly the :censor::censor: ESC went into reverse :eek: the plane stopped like it hit a wall of glass up in the sky and dropped straight down into the water. No power for servos, so I couldn't pull out.

The ramped nose on the seaplane hit the water straight down and then tried to climb back out instantly, which snapped the fuselage in two at the step.

When I got the plane back it stunk like you would not believe !
I looked at the ESC and at least one or two of the mosfet switches had blown to carbon dust, and burned a large section of the board.

I sure wish I had a CC ESC in that plane. I wouldn't have such a big repair ahead of me. It took over 6 months for the smell to work it's way out of the balsa interior before my wife would let me bring it in the house.

firemanbill 06-11-2018 01:45 PM

I like them, but not the prices. I have several that I have had for years and they still just keep on trucking. I think they underrate their stuff to handle things better and last. Just my opinion on that point for sure.

I typically cant afford to buy them unless I get to an event and win one of their 50% off coupons they usually send to events for the raffles. Haven't got one of those in a while either.

I have had just as good luck with other brands though so are they worth it? Well supporting a US based company does hit a positive note with me.

solentlife 06-11-2018 02:41 PM

Hi Wildflyer ... unfortunately - the reversing ESC for seaplanes - particularly the XL Skipper has a reputation for burning out when switched .. even if prop stopped.

If I was to go for reversing ......... I would try to find an air-cooled boat version.


Panther 06-11-2018 10:02 PM

That is a funny story WF. LOL . Wives are funny about those sorts of things.

Recently I bought some 20A King Kong ESCs for my new Quad. The motors are 3506 E-Max 650 kV. They only draw 5.5 Amps on full throttle! The ESCs are optos and are so small that when I sit them down on my bench I have trouble finding them again. I can't believe the huge advances made in this field lately. A lot of thanks go to the racing quad fraternity demanding smaller/lighter components.
It seems that any ESC fitted with a BEC is a liability, doesn't matter what you pay.

What you said SL I have programmed a few ESCs to Simon K and they do work well.
For example, I had some basic ESCs on a Quad and it shuddered and shook all over the place. I re-programmed the ESCs to Simon K and it became quite flyable. I also very much like BL Heli ESCs. I have found them to have even better responses.

Wildflyer 06-14-2018 01:23 AM

Originally Posted by solentlife (Post 1013447)
Hi Wildflyer ... unfortunately - the reversing ESC for seaplanes - particularly the XL Skipper has a reputation for burning out when switched .. even if prop stopped.

If I was to go for reversing ......... I would try to find an air-cooled boat version.


That's the weird thing, it switched itself. I did not touch the switch.

solentlife 06-14-2018 04:50 AM

Originally Posted by Wildflyer (Post 1013482)
That's the weird thing, it switched itself. I did not touch the switch.

Probably started fault and it was in process of complete failure.


F22trainer 04-12-2019 05:05 AM

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I just leave this here.

I purchased one one to go into the Ryan I was building - Iím sure youíve seen the thread, but if not go to the Scale Electric section. As I approached that part of the installation I began asking questions at the club regarding that Talon 90. We have 200+ members and no one had anything favorable and a few really negative experiences put me off. I never powered it up, put it back in the box and went with a highly recommended Hobbywing Platinum Gen. 3.
I was lucky enough to sell the CC on eBay and even shipped it for free just to recoup something. Nearly broke even and donít regret it.
A week before the maiden flight, a member brought his VQ F-6 for itís third flight. After about the third lap in the pattern, as I was spotting for him, the ship stopped responding and nosed nearly straight down from about 300 ft.
The first thing I saw when I found the wreck

Panther 04-12-2019 07:25 AM

Oh dear, CC?

Yes I have seen the Ryan build and fly. Well done.

F22trainer 04-12-2019 10:30 PM

Originally Posted by Panther (Post 1018517)
Oh dear, CC?

Yes I have seen the Ryan build and fly. Well done.

Aye, it was CC.

Thanks for watching the build and flights - I made a friend DownUnder last year who flies in his spare time at Temora Museum who gets to fly a restored full size Ryan STA. Been watching of a lot of aircraft goings on in NZ and Australia. Hope I can one day join the fun, cuz it looks like you folks have a lot of it!

Panther 04-12-2019 10:50 PM

Probabl a good choice to rethink the esc in the Ryan. I think you are probably releived. Lol
Yes, we do have a lot of warbirds etc in oz. My local town has a business that restores warbirds etc. Owner was killed in a crash a few years back but his wife has continued the business. (Guido Zuccoli) There are plenty of opportunities to see wbs here. Sometimes several of them fly over my place en route to a show.
Warbirds over Wanaka is a very big show in NZ.

F22trainer 04-13-2019 05:21 AM

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A photo of my friend, Stephen in the Temora Ryan. I think theirs is an ST-M.
Happy flying always!

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