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Occlusion 10-24-2020 07:05 PM

Is Value Hobby really a value?
Hello everyone. I am new to r/c flying, actually not sure I even began :) . I had a Horizon Hobby Super Cub, but it got me hooked. The cost has always been what's kept me from getting into it, but yesterday I came across this site called Value Hobby (www.valuehobby.com). Everything on the site is really affordable! So i'm thinking, this is perfect! Now I can finally do it! But of course, i'm also thinking, this is too good to be true. Brushless outrunner motors: 6 bucks, LiPo batteries: 15 bucks, servos: 2.50.... and trainer planes at a good price. A lot of GForce products, not sure how the brand ranks. So, of course, i'm also thinking, too good to be true. I did a little research on Value Hobby, and there are good and bad reviews. Seems the bad reviews all revolve around customer service, and some folks getting bad batteries or broken items, but mostly bad customer service. That and shipping, but the shipping is worth it to me if everything is as low cost as it is.

So my question to you guys is, have any of you had any experience with Value Hobby? Are GForce products any good? If not, any recommendations on how and where I might be able to get what I need to start flying without breaking the bank?

pmullen503 10-24-2020 09:59 PM

I've ordered many items from Value Hobby. The products are good, prices good, and they are close to me so shipping is quick. Customer service is not great as others have said. But no worse than Chinese vendors.

I've ordered motors, batteries, servos and ESC's and have been happy with the parts with no issues. I ordered an airplane that was defective and it took a while to get things straightened out but eventually it was settled to my satisfaction.

I have had very good service from MotionRC.com

solentlife 10-25-2020 10:57 AM

First of all I am not a customer of Value Hobby as I do not live in US and shipping is out of the question to me.

What I would like to say is that in last years RC has become far more affordable than it had been in the past.

Radios were near a months wages .... today - you can get a reasonable radio for equivalent of 2 hours labour on car service !! If you want good all singing dancing radio - its no longer mortgage the wallet !

Models themselves have come a long way with Laser and CNC production providing quick / cheaper more accurate methods to throw out the boxes of models !!

Servo's ... motors .... have been revolutionised by advent of coreless and brushless motors ... which are not only far more efficient than the old brushed and cored motors - but also because of the sheer market numbers sold - cheaper to produce. Todays 9gr servo is literally capable of and FASTER than the old standard servo of years past.

Todays RC is a far cry from the RC I remember back in 60 - 70 - 80's .....

Remains to be seen what final impact of CV19 is going to be ....

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