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skylane42 04-17-2020 03:31 AM

DC 3 power set up ?
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I need some advice on a project. I have a Kyosho/Great Planes DC-3. The original came with a single esc to control both motors. The motors are brushed motors. The set up I have in this one is, 2 esc`s, one for each motor. Each esc has its own battery connector. The line to the Rx from both esc`s are spliced into one plug for the Rx.

I am unsure , while flying, if one of the batteries becomes weaker than the other it would result in a yaw problem that could end the plane. My question is, should I worry? And, if I splice the 2 battery leads together and use just one battery source, will it be ok or will I lose power because of the set up?

I don`t want to go to the expense and work to convert to brushless motors right now. Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated. Please look at the picture to see the set up.


Wildflyer 04-17-2020 04:58 AM

Generally in an electric twin, the motors should see the same voltage or they will run at different speeds.
You can do this by using 1 battery or by connecting the batteries in parallel. You will not lose any power as long as you use adequate sized wire.

I bought a used Deuces Wild twin and when it was made E-flite said nothing about connecting the batteries in parallel. Probably because there is 1 battery in each nacelle behind the motor. I do not want any problems so I fished 2-12 ga wires from one side to the other and made my own parallel jumper.

2 Brushed motors on 1 ESC is fine as long as the ESC can handle the current. 2 brushless motors on 1 ESC is NOT recommended at all.

If your ESC's provide receiver power, disconnect the red wire from ONE of the ESC's otherwise the voltage regulators may get in a fight.

CHELLIE 04-17-2020 09:18 AM

Hook both batteries in Parallel, that will work fine, you wont loose any power and you will have a balanced voltage and amperage to your motors.

ron_van_sommeren 04-18-2020 07:39 PM

Originally Posted by skylane42 (Post 1023749)
... I don`t want to go to the expense and work to convert to brushless motors right now. ...

But when/if you go brushess, keep battery wires short and extend motor wires.
If that's not possible:
too long wires batteryside will kill ESC over time: precautions, solutions & workarounds - RCG

solentlife 04-18-2020 08:23 PM

If you are still using Brushed motors .. then your two ESC to one Rx connection is most likely fine .. as the BEC will most likely be Linear ...

But do yourself a favour and common your battery supply to the motors ... my Concorde and Tu144 and other multi's all have the batterys into Y leads to make sure I have balanced power .... Concorde / Tu144 ... two battery into a Y lead ... then that connects to a second Y lead to divide to each ESC.

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