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Jools 05-10-2019 02:33 AM

JR x9*03 Programming advice please
I've been tricking a nice new JRX9503 (very similar to the more common 9303) mode 2 into thinking it's a Mode 1. With success, though not been an easy road.

Everything now works for Mode 1 apart from the following. I was unable to get elevator trim, but by programming in an elevator and flap mix, -(but without flaps used), I can get elevator trim on the 3 pos switch top panel left side labelled F-MODE AUX 4. It's only one step up, neutral, and one step down, but that's good enough for flying in my experience, as long as my airframes are trimmed well mechanically. (Obviously I can re-program the amount of the elev trim steps and total trim travel later after test flights). I have a 1 second delay on 'Flap sys' that brings the elev trim in gradually and smoothly. But it would be good to see if I can program another mix using one of the side rotary levers to give a properly graduated elev trim action instead of just steps.

Can anyone contribute tips as to how best to program this? My right side rotary lever is AUX 3, the left hand one shows nothing (in Monitor).
So I'd like to setup the AUX 3 rotary to bring in elevator trim gradually rather than in the 1 step up and 1 step down at present.

Or... anyone have a better idea? - Maybe I could use the HOV PITCH or HOV THRO trim type controls?
(Bear in mind that the problem we had - hours of re-wiring etc, was that whatever we did, we could not get a 'true' elevator trim, so it's going to be a 'workaround').

(Hope it's ok for me to start a new thread on this, because the original thread was more about earlier issues getting into the Service Menu etc).

Jools 06-02-2019 02:17 AM

C'mon Radio programming Gurus... this is a challenge! Find me a mix that'll give me elevator trim.

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