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firemanbill 01-24-2018 03:20 PM

Originally Posted by Don Sims (Post 1011093)
Just finding the parts in that pile would be interesting. Think you've barely made a dent in the stack of balsa.

There were a few that I had to refer back to the manual and the die cut sheet listing several times in order to find. All together there are 37 die cut sheets of parts. They do have them labeled indicating rear stabilzer, wing, and fuse. But some of them didn't get quite a heavy enough stamp to show up with the part number which leads to guessing, or referring back to that page to see what sheet it is attached to.

Not a kit for a beginner for sure.

firemanbill 01-25-2018 03:37 PM

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Got some more work done on the center section last night. I am finding that my epoxy is not setting up well, not sure if it is old or the cold. I get the shop warmed up to around 65 before I start working with it but it seems pretty brittle. I took my bottles in the house last night to get it warmed up. Going to work some up in the house this evening to see if it still seems as brittle. Don't want to take any chances on this bird so have some new stuff on the way today.

Stay Quiet 01-25-2018 09:45 PM

Love the sanding bar and the lipo packs! "Necessity is the mother of invention"!

I've had issues in the past with epoxy 'going bad' and not curing properly. Try putting the bottles in a can of warm water for awhile to heat them up, then mix up a small test batch to see if it cures properly. I've had pretty good success this way, especially when the temps start to get chilly. I'm no expert, but I think the extra heat helps the chemical reaction to set up better.

firemanbill 01-26-2018 02:54 PM

The cold did have an effect. I had the bottles in the house overnight and while I was at work yesterday. The batch I made up last night for testing ended up much stronger, like it should have been. Lesson learned.

CA seems to like staying cool, but epoxy should be at room temperature near as I can tell. I think you are spot on when you say it should be warmer for that chemical reaction to work properly.

Got a little more done last night, mostly redoing the rear ribs to ensure a good bond. Mostly I just visited with a friend and fellow club member. He has been ill for quite some time so for him to be able to come over and hang out in the shop a bit was cool. Then my buddy from Canada got here last night as well to spend a few days out of that bitter cold.

firemanbill 01-27-2018 05:40 AM

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Center section of the wing is all framed up and landing gear blocks are in. Gear is only mocked up for clearance and measuring, squaring things up, etc.

Still have to run air lines, servo lead tubes, and all the other gadgetry that will make up that main panel of the aircraft, then on to sheeting which I can already tell is going to be one heck of a job. Bending balsa in three different directions at once looks like quite a load of fun!:silly:

firemanbill 01-29-2018 03:22 PM

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Today's update. It rained most of the weekend so I got to spend quite a bit of time in the shop. Wing is mostly framed up now short of the wingtip and actual final joining of the panels. The on to sanding to shape and sheeting. I do believe that is going to be a bigger task than building it, but let the fun continue!

I ran into a couple issues with the LE meeting up the center section quite right. The instructions do not marry up with the plan in this are very well at all. The plan shows a straight edge on the center section LE but in the instructions it says to sand the edges to match and shows a picture of the Center section LE bent backwards a bit to meet up. I will be working on modifying it a bit now to tget it to all meet up square and start the taper of the outer panels. All part of the process I suppose

Stay Quiet 01-29-2018 09:19 PM

Always loved the Corsair gull wing. That is coming along very nicely!

firemanbill 01-30-2018 12:51 AM

Originally Posted by Stay Quiet (Post 1011212)
Always loved the Corsair gull wing. That is coming along very nicely!

Will probably slow down quite a bit now that I am almost ready to start sheeting. That is going to be quite the task.

Don Sims 01-30-2018 11:00 AM

Looking good Bill. Is that a yardstick in front of the wing?

firemanbill 01-31-2018 05:31 AM

Originally Posted by Don Sims (Post 1011227)
Looking good Bill. Is that a yardstick in front of the wing?

Nope, a 48" measuring stick.

firemanbill 02-02-2018 03:58 AM

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On to the fuse. Laid out and pinned up the foundation for the top half and turtle deck and set the framework in place. Just mocked up for now, will start epoxying this weekend.

Stay Quiet 02-02-2018 03:00 PM

Are you planning on a detailed cockpit?

F22trainer 02-02-2018 04:08 PM

I'm watching this now also. What a great looking kit and looks like a pleasure to build.
Still a couple months before spring flying season...except in Phoenix:roll:
Keep posting a thanks for doing as a build thread. I'm jumping into some larger kits myself, so I want to see how the electrics work with the bigger subjects.

firemanbill 02-02-2018 04:38 PM

Originally Posted by Stay Quiet (Post 1011306)
Are you planning on a detailed cockpit?

Yes, I have the cockpit kit to go along with it. Looking into a sliding canopy setup as well.

firemanbill 02-03-2018 11:42 PM

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Top half all glued up. Got a little silly and tossed a pilot under the canopy just for giggles.

Big lipos come in handy for more than supplying power too. They make great weights for holding stuff down!:p>

firemanbill 02-04-2018 11:36 PM

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Got some work done today on the Fuselage sheeting. Most of the upper half is done now. It is really starting to look like a Corsair now.

firemanbill 02-07-2018 02:57 AM

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I got the wing saddle all lined up and set tonight. Still have a few pieces to go before mating it all up for good.

Going to set the fuse aside and do some wing sheeting tomorrow night. I have all those pieces butt joined together and ready lay down. That will be quite the challenge

Stay Quiet 02-07-2018 03:43 AM

Looks like the Jug in the background will have a WW2 stablemate sooner than you thought!

firemanbill 02-07-2018 04:36 AM

Originally Posted by Stay Quiet (Post 1011411)
Looks like the Jug in the background will have a WW2 stablemate sooner than you thought!

HAHA, yeah no doubt

firemanbill 02-08-2018 05:00 PM

2 Attachment(s)
This may not look like a lot of progress but in reality it is a couple days work pretty much non stop! All the wing sheeting butt glued and ready for installation. Fuse turtledeck, wing saddle, and front fuse top all cut to shape and glued together. The inner wing top sheeting is weird in that 5 3" wide pieces are glue together and cut in an odd, not quite square diamond shape, that in theory molds to the bent wing inner section. We will find out soon enough if it fits

firemanbill 02-13-2018 03:20 PM

Not been able to get any work the last few days, My dad is in the hospital and not doing so good so prayers and good wishes would be much appreciated.

I am also a bit frustrated as just before I got the call he had fallen at home my Buddy and I discovered there is a slight twist in the center section of the main wing. It was flat as could be when I started, and I checked it periodically as I was progressing through putting the ribs on. Not being able to have it pinned to the board caused this I suppose by adding weights to hold it all down while the glue dried. I is just bad enough that I think it will cause issues so trying to figure out a way to get that fixed... I am somewhat stumped. I sure wish I have a good builder close by that could help me out a bit.

Of course worrying about my Dad has kept me from thinking very clearly about it, in fact I haven't even been to the garage in a couple days to look at it. Hopefully he will get better soon and I can refocus. but he is first priority right now.:(

Stay Quiet 02-13-2018 05:00 PM

Best wishes for your dads recovery, Bill. Concentrate on that for now.

firemanbill 02-13-2018 05:41 PM

Thanks Bud, that is the priority for sure.

Don Sims 02-14-2018 02:00 AM

Sorry to hear about your dad Bill and that twist in the wing. Prayers to him to recover quickly.
The wing you'll have to fix!

firemanbill 02-14-2018 02:40 PM

Originally Posted by Don Sims (Post 1011496)
Sorry to hear about your dad Bill and that twist in the wing. Prayers to him to recover quickly.
The wing you'll have to fix!

Yep, Have to trust God and the Doctors with Dad, the wing is all on me. lol

He was feeling a bit more chipper last night but the Docs are guarded with what they are telling us, best thing the doc could tell me last night is that he is just old, and very tired.

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