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Griff Murphey 08-27-2014 04:21 AM

I am currently flying the SE-5 and DR-1 and have "gone through" two other SE-5s and a Nieuport 17. All came with down and right thrust. I assume that yes you would need that on the Albatros.

I have put similar down and right thrust on my micro stick and tissues with Flyzone micro guts and it seems necessary.

Virgil Kee 08-28-2014 05:57 AM

Thrust Angles - UM Albatros
As you've already read, down and right thrust are a must on any ultra micro, (or any other model for that matter)!

You'll need to open the fuselage, of course, to access the motor/gear drive. When you are ready to close back up, you'll have access to paint the round parts of the fuselage just behind the spinner. I've had four of this UM and this is your chance to correct the poor paint job in this area.

Go for about 2 degrees or less of both down and right thrust. Try to position the motor and gear box so as to center the spinner in the round fuselage opening.

First, try a "dry fit", noting any changes needed in the original mounting location to achieve the best spinner location. Go back in to make any needed adjustments in the seating location. Now you're ready to close up the fuselage again. CAUTION: test all control functions and motor operation BEFORE final closing!

This is a good flying plane. Keep it in operating condition! Don't toss it out just because some repairs are needed.

Good luck, - Virg. :D

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