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PETERRAKE 04-22-2006 08:30 AM

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Okay, I've sorted out a few more WW1 model photos and, since I'm in posting mode, you get to suffer them. This isn't the complete listing because some of the more recent ones have too large a file size - I'll see what I can arrange about that.


PETERRAKE 04-22-2006 08:37 AM

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I hasten to point out that whilst I designed all these models, not all of them were built by me.
I'll just add anther small batch and then go hunt out some more photos.

Yes, it's fairly safe to say that I quite like WW1 types.

PETERRAKE 04-22-2006 10:55 AM

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Sorry chaps, more photos. However, I promise that these will be the last batch of WW1 types - for the moment. There are a few more in the pipeline I'm afraid - Albatros DII, Albatros DIII, SE5A, Thomas Morse Scout, FE8 etc. etc.

ENUT 04-22-2006 02:09 PM

"Peter,What about posting a picture of you scale taube from your gas daze:eek: !

Ron 04-22-2006 03:44 PM

Hi Pete: good to see you in here...The preference for different model numbers has naught to do with whether it has ailerons or not...the first consideration is....does it have a big round cowl?...If so I'm into building it..if not, it will wait a little. From there, the next consideration is how often have I seen one at the field ? still have only seen one D V1........
I was thinking to do a D V ....but there are a couple ARF's around and someone doing up a kit, so that's out for now. there are a couple of your D11 models around this neck of the woods,....that's why it doesn't turn me on to build....( too common I guess ) I have never seen a model of the D1 or the D111...or the D1V...and since the D 111 has a round cowl,likely will be the next scale attempt. first though I have to find pictures of a D 1V, just to prove that I picked the right subject. ( although, if I did the D11, that and skipped every other model, I could have all the even numbered ones in another year.. D 11...D 1V...D V1, and D V111) I still have the little Pfalz....it's retired to the ceiling of the office. The only non fokker plane I would consider at the moment, would be the " PUP " but in 1/3 scale to match the DR1, it's a veritable monster.....I was thinking to make it the same physical size, but it would still be really large, and packing more than one model to the field at a time would be difficult......hmmmm, perhaps I should get into a smaller scale size....there would be more room in the shop.....at least for a while any way.

WWI Ace 04-22-2006 03:53 PM

I was wondering when Peter would show up. I know that I have at least one set of your plans waiting to get built! Where can we go to get more? I kinda always wanted a little "baby" Neiuport! Great pics Peter!! Glad you posted them. Great for inspiration! Hey Walt. I was wondering that about the aileron thing on the Sopwith tripe. That's why I asked you about the way they travelled in our earlier posts when we were trying to sort it out. Your a genius!! Now I know how to fix mine when I build it. Martin, you do need to build that huge DVIII. Make sure you put a detachable wing on it though or the shipping to Texas is gonna kill me!!!! Steve.

PETERRAKE 04-22-2006 04:07 PM

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First photo post 750, the one with the trophies, IS my IC Taube. Built from the flair kit, it's 80" span, 40 FS powered and weighed 5.5 lb. Covering is Solartex.
This is the only other photo of it I have.

If you need three views and photos of the DIII/DIV let me know. I knew you preferred rotary types, just didn't realise you liked them that unique. You know me mate, if I like it I'll build it - several times in some cases.

You can always try direct from me for any plans you want, or Charlie at www.manzanolaser.com has several. I'm in the process of converting the Sopwith Tripe to CAD and he'll be offering that as a short kit soon. He already does the 54" SPAD XIII & SE5A.


WWI Ace 04-22-2006 04:38 PM

What WS will the tripe be? And will it be 4 channel? I just might wait for the short kit!!! Steve.

WWI Ace 04-22-2006 04:48 PM

I've already got your plans for the 45"ws Sopwith tripe. If that's the one Charlie's going to short kit I'll just wait for it. Save me some cutting!!! Then I can go ahead and order the EIII short kit from him for another set of plans that I have of yours. That way I only have to pay one shipping charge. I guess I'm just lazy and cheap!!! Steve.

PETERRAKE 04-22-2006 05:13 PM

That's the one mate.


WWI Ace 04-23-2006 04:02 AM

Thanks Pete for telling me. Hey Martin, you hear that? We can get the Sopwith tripe shortkit soon!!! So Martin, ya gonna build that big DVIII that you started? Wouldn't that look cool taking off from the local Wal-Mart parking lot!!!! Got part of my fuse built tonight along with the cowl. Going well so far. Must be the great help I get from you guys!!! Thanks. Steve.

Bill G 04-23-2006 04:12 AM

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Mr. Rake. I've been admiring many of your plans in FS. My LHS sells the one month old issues for $1 US. Every now in then, my conscience causes me to pay full price, since it a better value than the rest of them, to begin with. They (the free plan planes) do keep getting better. The Brisfit may just have to be built. Nice looking plane. I can see a plane a million times, and it never catces on, until I see in the right color (no U in the US)scheme. While not being the biggest fan of WWI planes, they are slowly catching on. Will have to eventually, after I build all the rest of them. Always loved the Eindecker, however.
Your definitely a record holder, Peter. The only man who has free plans published in a major mag, that aren't of some flat foam, or hovering piece of garbage. Nice stuff.
Different from my other planes, the WWI planes have to be completed to be appreciated. At least that's how it works for me. This 20" sub-micro Guillows DR1 may have just got the ball rolling. If it ever flies, it will be the first Guillows DR1 conversion, without the motor mounted 2 inches of the firewall on a stick, with no cowling. Everything including the batt is in the first 1" bay behind the firewall.

scalercflyer 04-23-2006 01:30 PM

Nice site
Gentlemen, check out this site when you get a few minutes. Martin

Heiner 04-25-2006 07:54 AM

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here some photos of my ALBATROS D.V. nearly finished. Maiden made 3 weeks ago, great flyer!

Wingspan: 1,8 m = 71 inch


Ron 04-26-2006 03:43 PM

Heiner........that is a good looking model. what power do you have in it? how much does it weigh? and did you draw the plans up yourself or are they some one else's ? I sometimes think that I might want to build that plane, because it looks so sleek with all the curved panels in the fuselage, but then I think to myself, the exaxct same things that make it look great is likely what would make it difficult to build...it almost looks like you have mica film on the fuselage. Personally I think these WW1 vintage models have more character than the newer stuff. Been off the 'puter for the last few days....out flying.

Glo4U 04-26-2006 05:15 PM

WWI Guillows plans
I have the plans for 2 WWI guillows planes the SE5a and the folker Tri plane. The SE5a is blown up to a 36" W/S and the Folker Tri Plane is a 38" W/S. I am replacing the stringers with 1/8 bass wood to give more strength. The ribs are going to be 1/16 and the formers 3/32 with a 3/32 strip to reenforce where the former halves join. The new electric out runners are perfect for these models.


Ron 04-26-2006 11:40 PM

G4U.......just gotta be careful that when you "strengthen" things up, you don't add a whole bunch of weight to it...these guys don't like to be heavy

Rhondas 04-27-2006 12:50 AM

I noticed that most of those planes are of the stick type, anyone interested in a kit by Herr Eng of a J3 Cub complete $30. let me know [email protected]

fli48rc 04-27-2006 08:57 PM

Aviatik 30.27
Here's an AerodromeRC kit I just finished... Aviatik 30.27 Fun build. AUW 27.1oz, Just over 10oz\sq ft. MPJet Brushless, APC 10X7, Hitec 6 Rx, 4 - HS-55's, TP1200maH



Ron 04-27-2006 09:07 PM

yes any information that you could pass along on the D111 or D 1V would be appreciated....I'm still in the preliminary selection stage of this project, but likely it will be one of these two next winter. Unique is good...if I can put it on the runway, and know that basically I likely won't see one of it's " brothers" for at least the rest of the season, then I'm happy.I did the smaller EV a few years back, and haven't seen another around this area yet, nor have I come across another D V1.... so I figured to do the EV again, but larger. The D111 or 1V will be just slightly larger than your normal practise, but will use basically the same technique as yours, because it makes for a fairly easy build...then once I get it flying nicely, I'll do the same as the others, and do a larger one. If it goes as planned, the smaller one will be in the air about Dec....and the larger one in the late spring.
I got the glitching problems with the EV sorted out this past evening, and should have test hops by the weekend.................FINALLY !

Heiner 04-28-2006 07:07 AM

@ Ron,

the kit I got from Hobby-Land in Germany. Fuselage made from honeycomp composit, almost in finished condition like delivered.
Wings made from CNC-cut Balsa parts.
Motor LEHNER 1930 with gearbox 6/1, 4s1p KOKAM 3200, prop 22 x 10, drawing 30A


WWI Ace 04-28-2006 07:07 PM

Hey guys!! Charlie at www.manzanolaser.com says the Peter Rake 45"ws Sopwith triplane short kit should be available from them at the end of June. He told me that it should cost $80-90 for a short kit or $120 for the full kit. Steve.

PETERRAKE 04-29-2006 07:55 AM

Okay mate, I'll get what I have scanned and e-mail to you. Just for a change, I actually know where the info is.

I only have to finish isolating parts, set them up for cutting and add text to the drawings, so it may be available before then. I guess it rather depends on how busy Charlie is.


watt_the?! 04-29-2006 09:40 AM

i cant wait for the tripe Pete!!!


Bill G 04-29-2006 03:06 PM

Originally Posted by Glo4U (Post 66129)
I have the plans for 2 WWI guillows planes the SE5a and the folker Tri plane. The SE5a is blown up to a 36" W/S and the Folker Tri Plane is a 38" W/S. I am replacing the stringers with 1/8 bass wood to give more strength. The ribs are going to be 1/16 and the formers 3/32 with a 3/32 strip to reenforce where the former halves join. The new electric out runners are perfect for these models.


I'd like to build the SE5a from the kit. Seen an article on a LPS conversion. I always like the proportions of the SE5a. I replace some of the stringers with stronger ones, such as the fuse "corners" on an SE5a. The CF spars and rods are the way to go, for weight. For example, I cut a small groove in the rear of the shaped wing LEs, and glue in a small dia, very light, CF rod. The wing can still flex, but is hard to break. Added to critical areas, it can be done very lightly.
The Fokker should be really nice at 38" span.

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