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  1. offtom
    06-14-2010 01:56 AM

    I am very impressed with your skills on the Tony build. The plans you came up with, the cuts are clean neat and straight, the sheeting. You make building look so easy. All I can is say WOW! Thanks for sharing your expertise. I'm learning a lot watching and reading.

    BTW.........Who's Mary???? ;)

    Have a great night.
  2. MaxAdventure
    06-13-2010 01:48 PM
    The more I read your posts, the more I appreciate your insight, knowledge, and enthusiasm! I sure hope our paths cross some day and I get a chance to meet you! Thanks for contributing so much.
  3. capn chaos
    02-15-2010 09:23 PM
    Have to agree with your view of dead weight. Just philosophically opposed to that concept. I think I would have doned the same thing and still will eyeball performance on the Ryan when I get to maiden it. Somewhere buried in my build thread was a prophetic comment "for some inexplicable reason felt it necessary to make the tail surfaces easily removable". Really for ease of repair to fuselage, covering etc (there it goes again). Lower hinge pin is the only thing keeping both tail surfaces in place. I removed the stock pin and put a right angle pin out of a quick link clevis in place. That is held in position by a dot of CA. If I think saving 1/2-3/4 ozs is worth it then I'll make up a new set of tail feathers with more traditional stick build like your MFB. If the plane flys scale like, I will be happy and leave it alone.
    Didn't want to "booger" your thread up with this drivel.
  4. capn chaos
    02-13-2010 09:41 PM
    Again, congrats on the MFB. Hope your maiden goes as well as the build. I do appreciate your insights along the way, offered on your thread and my Ryan build. Yes 37" WS and under a pound is not to shabby I guess especially considering the laminated fuselage sides and all the 1/64" wingskin involved. Very strong for its weight. I learned sometime ago that the ground doesnt really care how strong you make have read numerous posts that encourage max motors and necessary battery power, ESC etc. All that weight adds up and basically you have to build a stronger model to support more weight still!! It tends to snowball. I fought the urge to add more power.
  5. capn chaos
    01-10-2010 01:59 AM
    When you get a chance to ponder this, let me know what you think;
    Your fly baby and my ryan are fairly similar in construction (basic) and design. I'm trying to get an idea of what a 2 x ryan might weigh given the same construction, scaled up with balsa sections scaled up appropriately for the size I believe the weight cubes as the size doubles but I might be wrong. This may only work in the midrange of sizes and would possibly not be applicable to giant or micro scale, FYI my fuse and wing weigh in at 5.5 ozs or around 150 grams but that includes film on wing, gear wires and hinged ailerons with torque rods. So lets call it 125 grams. That comes really close to 8 x (2x2x2) the weight of your micro bird. I might want to build a 1/5 scale ryan more scale like using the same construction as this build. That would be a 74" ws and if theory is even close to correct, fuse and wing would weigh just over 2.5 lbs ready for motor and electronics. Just a thought, respect your opinion.
  6. scalercflyer
    12-26-2009 01:05 PM
    Would count it a priviledge to be counted among your friends. Marty (scalercflyer)
  7. 12-12-2009 03:35 AM
    Just thought I would check out youre pics.And say hi.Nice collection GREG
  8. 43851E
    09-12-2009 04:44 AM
    Thanks Sharkster! You are one fast plans finder. Total time from the initial thought, new thread posting, answer (yourself) & resulting email : 10 minutes! Nothing like the private sector working efficiently! My best, Doug
  9. riverrat
    06-30-2009 04:14 PM
    Thanks!! Ron!!
    For your help on covering the bottom of an under camber airfoil wing!!!!!!!!!!
  10. 123edffed
    06-06-2009 11:31 AM
    Hi, could you advise? That link was out of service. Cheers Sky Sharkster


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