August 2011 Projects
MF 15
Another picture of my Kaos(s)
My oldest surviving pattern plane; a Long Nose Marksman. First flown in 1968 and last flown last year with electric power.
Mini Kwik Fly III. 1967 International Champion flown by Phil Kraft. This is my 7 oz tribute and it flys like the original.
I like the Kaos. Returned to the hobby last year and completed 2 that I started in the late 80's. One with retracts and one fix gear. Also, 6 oz Mini...
My Disney birds. Iago from Aladin and Zazu from the Lion King. Mini Marksman is of a classic 60's pattern plane, 7 oz.
My 6 oz Falcon and 1.2 oz Micro Hawk
My 3 F-15s.  The 9 pound one was built in 1973 and is now electric with Rhom air retracts. Middle one is 8 oz foamie with retracts and the close one...
1985 Suprafly still alive and flying as an electric.
Debolt Champ and Lanier Pursuit 1968. Placed 3rd in Jr. at the 1969 Nats with the Pursuit. The DeBolt Champ was built in 1964, first flown 1967 and...
Cerberus 1973.  Prime pattern plane.  Won many Master Class competitions from 1973 til its passing in 1978.
Banshee 1973.  HP61 and retracts.
Miramar T-28 and Mini Stik pylon racing.
Original Bridi Kaos with retracts. 5 lbs
62, 46, 39 and 22 inch Flying Man. The 46 inch is really a flying girl, my daughter.
Snoopy's Dog House: Curse you Red Barron
Duck with articulated head for ground/water taxi/takeoff/land. A-10 with retracts.
11 lb Eindecker with 18 sq ft of wing. $30 build cost from Home Depot

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