RC Planes
Planes I have built since 1991
A 10, built from plans I couldn't find for reference. 
It was for two 1/2 A engines, but I put a .28 in the nose.  Great flier, easy to fly, very...
Kadet Wing Tips that swivel, for ailerons, a little bit easier to see here.
DuraBat; My 2 sons and I learned how to crash on this one. 
Kadet 1; Was my trainer, added flaps, retired after too many repairs 
Kadet 2; Saito 65,...
Sukhoi, wonderful plane, scratch built, drew my own plans.
Sportster I built, and Mach-1 of a friend.  Sportster was way squirrly, too much elevator.  KB 61 was too much power.  The best KB engine ever, lots...
Kadet SR with swivel wingtips, really hard to see.  Plane met its demise when a young flyer wouldn't let me grab the transmitter back to save it.  ...
Classic Rendition, scratch built by a friend, gave it to me after a crash, along with the first prototype fuselage, so I resurrected it.  Flies...
Kyosho Concept 30 was a kit, but I did assemble it!  Seemed odd, nothing to sand or glue...
Kadet SR with ST-90, love this plane!
Kadet SR has ST-90, does knife-edge with ease.  Raised wing TE 1/2" and reduced dihedral to improve flight performance. 
Later it got "D-tube" wing,...
Son flies Sukhoi with ST G2300
Ultimate in "starting holder"
Ultimate is my Son's, good friend Bob is on left
Lowpass with Great Planes Ultimate with ST-90 & smoke
Extra325 from Rich Uravitch plans, great performer!
Cub's color transmitter sees another cub below.
Rudder is not shaped right on my Cub
Quarter scale Cub scratch built, twin cyl.
Concept 30, Kaos, Kadet, F-18, Extra325
Aquila Grande, my instructor kept it at cloud base for four hours one day... Sunburned the roof of his mouth (ha ha)

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